Monday, May 12, 2014

Taste For Sweets May 2014 Review + 25% off Coupon Code!!

One really fun way to experience the world from your own home is to taste sweets and candies from other countries. (This also provides huge relief from the avalanche of healthy food snack subscription services out there!)  Taste For Sweets is a monthly subscription company that will help you do just that.

Their subscription plan is simple.  A monthly subscription is $16 and you get 14+ new snacks each month. (Of course you can save with longer term options - $90 for 6 mos., $168 for 12 mos.)  You can also do a one time gift of the same thing for $17. (Longer term options - 3 mos. for $48, 6 mos. for $96).  They will send you a variety of candies and sweets from around the world, most of which you probably have not tasted before.

Unlike some of the other sweet boxes I have received, ALL the treats in my first box were foreign to the U.S.  Some of the countries represented are France, Brazil, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Ukraine and Turkey.  

Taste For Sweets arrived in a small light blue box.  

Inside were 15 sweets; four that I would call full size and the rest one or two bite size, including a few hard candies.  I did not recognize a single one!  All of them are labeled with foreign languages so unless you are multi multi MULTI lingual, you pretty much have to rely on the pictures.  Since the foreign words make it impossible for me to describe each item, I'll just show you a photo of the entire box contents: 

I've tried five items so far.  The first was the big yellow and brown "Dankek" package on the right.  This one comes from Turkey and the only thing I can remotely compare it to is a Ding Dong. It's a peanut shaped frosted cake with chocolate cake on one side and vanilla cake on the other side.  The chocolate side has a tiny amount of chocolate filling and the vanilla side has a tiny amount of just barely banana flavored filling.  I really had to rely on the picture for this one!

The second item I tasted was the "Supercoco" in the green twist wrapper at the center bottom.  This is a small chewy coconut-ty candy from Colombia.

My third item was one of the hard candies in the green wrapper with white ends in the lower left of the photo. This is a pear flavored candy that was pretty good.  I had to get out my jeweler's loupe to read the wrapper, which is how I know this one is from the Ukraine.  It's called either "Dromec" or "Drowec".  

The fourth item was the "Potopont" (whatever!) in the small brown twist wrapper on the lower right of the picture.  This was a crispy chocolate covered wafer thing that was quite tasty.  Even my trusty loupe couldn't find the origin of this one.  The lettering looks like it may be from Russia or Turkey.

The final item in my taste tour was the "Mieszanka Krakowska" which is in the yellow twist wrapper in the lower center.  This was a chocolate rectangle with a pineapple middle that came from Poland.

After you receive your first box, you can go to their site and indicate a snack that you really liked to be included for free in your next box.  When I did this, there were only four snacks to choose from, none of which were in my box.  So I just chose one that looked good....a strawberry KitKat bar.

This is definitely not a sub box where you will get a lot more value than you paid for. What you're paying for here is access to sweets from other countries and cultures, NOT volume or high value. If you understand that, you are in for a sweet and tasty adventure!

Now for the really good part!  Taste For Sweets was kind enough to provide two discount codes for first time buyers:

  • SNACKS25OFF will get you 25% off your first box when you sign up for a month to month subscription
  • GIFT25OFF will get you 25% off when placing an order for a gift box or boxes

    (Note: Coupon codes must be typed in all caps to work.)
This is a really interesting and fun subscription box put out by some exceptionally nice people, so I hope you'll give it a try!

Enjoy your global sweet tour,



Handmadebygg said...

Very interesting Cheryl. My son-in-law and I like to taste test new and different things. I think this would be a great gift to get for him. Thanks for introducing this.

Lone Star Shopper said...

You're most welcome! Hope you and your family enjoy Taste For Sweets. Thanks for reading! Cheryl