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MunchPak MunchPack Candy Subscription Box Review for May 2014 + 15% Promo Code!!

Does anybody NOT occasionally want to throw caution to the wind and eat like a kid again? And how cool would it be to have access to the most popular candies and snacks from other countries?  MunchPak lets you do just that.  They send an amazing variety of foreign and some U.S. snack items that have been rigorously tested for uniqueness and taste by their "snackologists".  

MunchPak currently offers three subscription plans:

  • MunchPak Mini, about l lb., $7.95/mo. + S&H
  • Original MunchPak, about 2 lbs., $13.95/mo. + S&H
  • FamilyPak , about 3.5 lbs., $24.95/mo. + S&H

They are making some changes to their website and once those are rolled out, the prices will be increasing slightly.  But if you sign up now, you can lock in at the current prices. Also, the MunchPak Mini option will be going away so if you want that one, grab it now. You can keep whatever plan you have if you are already subscribed at the time the price structure changes.

I was lucky enough to receive an Original MunchPak for review this week...yes I know, tough job but somebody's gotta do it!  My box contained 17 items, all except two completely different from anything I have received before.  As always, there is a very interesting mix of sweet and savory, foreign and domestic.

The biggest item is a package of wheat snacks.  The package is labeled only in Japanese so I took pictures of it with both sides up, so that at least one photo will be correct!  These crunchy twists have a nice mild flavor and there are plenty of them.

Then there is a package of Old Bay Seasoned Potato Chips by Herr's.  These are made in the U.S. and look like an interesting way to season a chip.  I think these have been around for a long time although I've never tasted them.  

Next is a tiny little hard candy from Mexico called Chili Rokas in Mango flavor.  This was the first thing I consumed from the box!

Something that looks quite familiar is a little package of Teddy Bear Cookies from Mr. Borem.  These are also from Mexico but they remind me of Teddy Bear Grahams.

The next item is a tray of Barbecue Big Dippers from Jack Link's.  These are kippered beef steak strips with BBQ sauce.  These are not for me but I know someone who will love them.

I have MunchPak to thank for introducing me to Rowntrees, a division of Nestle in the U.K. They make a lot of fruit flavored roll candies, including these two, Fruit Gums and Fruit Pastilles. I think the main difference between these is that the Pastilles are coated in a very fine layer of sugar.

One item from the U.S. is a package of California pistachios by Natural Joy.  These are surprisingly high in fat, but hey....I think we abandoned nutritional considerations somewhere around the first sentence, didn't we?

There are two packages of cookies in this box.  The first is from Brazil, chocolate wafers by Bauducco.  The second is my first snack from India, Mini Cream Cookies by Pampa.  This is a good example of cultural diversity in snacks.  I don't think an orange cream filled cookie would be marketed successfully in the U.S., but they are good and I'm glad for the chance to try them.

Next is a roll of  Bassett's Murray Mints, an item with a complicated origin.  I see the U.K., Ireland and Turkey all mentioned on the label.  I was completely unfamiliar with these so had to try one.  They are hard candies with a light flavor, a subtle form of mint that I have not tasted before.

Another item I have MunchPak to thank for introducing me to is Hi-Chews from Taiwan.  I first received these in an earlier box and liked them so much, I've since tracked them down on Amazon and ordered them in larger quantities. Why these are not routinely available in the U.S., I have no idea.  The ones in this box are in the Green Apple flavor. From Belfast, Ireland there is also a package of Black Currant flavored Chewits. These look very similar to Starburst or Hi-Chews but with a more adventurous flavor.

A really cute product from Thailand that I think is gathering a big following in the U.S. are the various Koala creme filled cookies by Lotte.  These are tiny shortbread like cookies with different fillings.  These are strawberry but I've also tried the chocolate; really like both of them!  Each cookie has the outline of a little koala bear on one side.

There is a small Manzela caramel peanut bar that looks really good from Mexico. Then we have a small package of "Baby Ball Cookies" from Japan...yes, I believe something was definitely lost in translation!   

The last item is Caramel Creams from Goetze's, a U.S. company.  I remember these cool retro looking caramels from my childhood!

That's it for the May Munchpak box; quite an eclectic snack collection, isn't it? MunchPaks are so much fun to open because you just never know what you'll find and no two boxes seem to be the same.   

If you want to see a funny video of a contest where seven contestants attempt to consume an entire MunchPak in one sitting, click here.  They say it can't be done but please don't take that as a challenge.  I don't recommend that anybody try this! (Definitely don't watch this video while eating. Or thinking about eating.)

MunchPak has provided a custom discount code for anybody who wants to try their service.  Use promo code LONESTARSHOPPER to get 15% off your order.  This code is only good for the first 50 people who sign up.  If you're interested, I would encourage you to hurry and get in on the current pricing before they implement the new pricing plans.

I predict you're going to love MunchPak!


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