Friday, May 30, 2014

Lip Monthly First Box Review, May 2014 + 2 Discount Codes!

First off, I apologize for the lateness of this review.  My first Lip Monthly box got lost among some other sub boxes and I just now realized I had it.  (That's my story and I'm sticking to it!)  Lip Monthly is a service that sends 2-3 full size lip products and 2-3 sample products per month.  I signed up in early March when this company first came on the scene.  There were a couple of apology e-mails for unexpected shipping delays and I finally got my first box on April 22nd.  That is an unacceptable delay after payment but I'm hoping it was just a learning curve issue for a new company.

Lip Monthly has three price plans with discounts for longer subscription terms.  Plans automatically renew and you can cancel at any time.

  • One month - $10
  • Four months - $40, use code LIPMONTHLY4 to save $4 (total $36)
  • Twelve months - $120, use code LIPMONTHLY12 to save $10 (total $110)
My first box contained three full size lip products and two samples.  These items came in a small branded box inside a wax paper envelope.

The information card provides a list of the products included.  For some reason, they only showed the retail price for one of the items.  (Learning curve again?)

The first full size product is a Lip Tattoo duo by Hard Candy.  One end contains a lip stain in the shade "Fantasy", which looks like a shimmery pink and the other end has a clear breath freshening gloss.  The reviews I've read are mixed on this one with some saying that the color really does not have the lasting power that a stain should have.  Others really liked the gloss over color effect.  

The second item is a full size lip cream by Glam Natural called Poco Loco that retails for $20. This is a warm coral color that would look good on almost anyone.  Since I would never pay $20 for a lip gloss, this is a great opportunity to try this one out. (That's why we all love subscription boxes!)

The third full size item is a Stila Glaze Lip Liner in Fuchsia.  I like Stila cosmetics but this color is way too over the top for me.  It's a very "purple-y" shade that's probably only going to work for a narrow range of skin tones.  Let's hope Lip Monthly eventually adds a profile option so their boxes can be customized to products we can actually use.

There is a mascara sample from UltraFlesh Panthera in Jet Black.  This is an ultra-lengthening, thickening and non-clumping formula.  I'm not crazy about mascara samples but it's nice to get a couple of non-lip products in this box.

The second sample is a tiny foil pack of Cream Blush from Glam Natural in the shade "You Make Me Blush".  There is very little product here but the shade looks like a pretty medium to dark rose.

So that's it for my first Lip Monthly box.  Since there is easily at least $40 worth of product here, I feel that I got my money's worth, even with one product whose shade is not right for me.  Really interested to see what they send next month!

If you'd like to try Lip Monthly, use the discount codes shown above to start your subscription.  If you've already received a Lip Monthly box, I'd love to know what you thought.

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