Tuesday, March 31, 2015

PopSugar Must Have Lifestyle Box Review, March 2015 + $5 Discount Codes!

It seems like a LONG time since I've reviewed a PopSugar Must Have box!  While this is still one of my favorite subscription boxes, it does feel like they've lost a bit of their energy over the past few months.  For a while last year, the boxes were just getting better and better, but they've definitely been a little less dazzling lately.  Still...this is a fun subscription and if you're not familiar with PopSugar, their boxes definitely deserve consideration.

PopSugar is classified as a lifestyle box because they send items in a number of different categories, including fashion, beauty, home decor, fitness and food.  They sometimes include a few samples as well.  The value of each box (using MSRPs) is generally above $100.  

There are three subscription plans available with significant discounts for the multi-month plans.  Shipping is free.  The 3 mo. and 6 mo. plans auto renew on the 25th of the month.

Monthly - $39.95 

Three Months - $109.85
Six Months - $214.70

The March PopSugar box contained several on-trend items that pretty much cover the range of categories mentioned above.

The fold-out information card provides the vital stats and retail prices.

The dominant item is a big tube with a diffuser kit inside.  This one is called "The Archivist" and it comes from Greenmarket Purveying Co.  The kit contains an 8 oz. bottle of Lemon & Cucumber fragrance oil and a set of eight black reeds. I have this diffuser set up in my office; the scent is very refreshing and invigorating!  Retail $20

The next item seems like a strange choice to me.  It's a hot pink zip pouch by Samudra.  It has a pattern of pineapples and the card says the see-through plastic is meant for easy access to beach items.  But it looks more like a document holder for a grade schooler to me.  Since I don't live anywhere near a beach, this will have to serve as some kind of office accessory.  The card says the retail value is $40 which is absurd.  This would probably sell for a dollar or two at Walmart.

The food item in the box is a bag of Half Pops in Chipotle Barbeque flavor.  I like Half Pops but they have been in so many sub boxes that this isn't a particularly interesting addition to this box as far as I'm concerned.  Retail $1.69

More weirdness...this pad of "What to Pack" packing list sheets from Knock Knock. The idea is to help you remember all your travel essentials but with 60 sheets here, one would have to travel a LOT to really make use of this pad.  It is designed in a cute way but I wonder how many PopSugar subscribers will really find this useful? Retail $7  

The Micro Magic Microdermabrasion Treatment from Bliss gets us back on track.  This full size product uses volcanic pumice and aloe to resurface, smooth and renew skin.  This is said to provide "spa perfect" results at home.  I think it's nicely timed as we head into Spring.  Retail $48

This little yellow brush is called The Squirt by Wet Brush.  It uses "IntelliFlex" bristles to eliminate hair breakage while also massaging the scalp.  It is a nice small travel size and can be used on wet or dry hair.  Retail $4.99

Last is a cute pink Benefit box that contains luxury sample sizes of their Roller Lash mascara and POREfessional balm.  Oddly enough, I was just studying Benefit's Roller Lash mascara at Ulta this afternoon.  It is said to curl and lift lashes giving you a more wide-eyed look.  The POREfessional is a lightweight mattifying primer that minimizes the appearance of pores.  No retail value given.

Not counting the Benefit samples, the total retail value of this box is $121.68. That is at least $38 over-stated because of the ridiculous valuation of the plastic pouch. For me, the winners in this box are the diffuser kit and the microdermabrasion treatment. The Benefit samples are a great little bonus.  The detangling brush is a nice item but not suitable for my hair so it will be gifted.  The plastic pineapple pouch and packing list pad...well, I am resourceful so will find some way to use these.

Although this box was not their absolute best, PopSugar has been one of the most consistently fun and interesting boxes available.  So I trust there will be many more great boxes to come!   If you're interested in trying PopSugar, click here and use code REFER5 or MUSTHAVE5 at checkout for a $5 discount on your first box.

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Sock Panda Sock Subscription Review March 2015 + 15% Discount Code!

OK, there is this panda.  He makes socks.  He lives in Venice, CA.  His socks are colorful, fun and fashionable and made by a manufacturer in Peru.  He also donates socks...lots of 'em...to those in need.  Sock Panda has socks for men, women, kids and gifts.  For adult socks, the price is $19 per month for 2 pairs or $12 per month for 1 pair.  Kids' socks are 2 pairs for $11 per month.  You can send a gift box of 6 socks for an adult for $60 or $50 for a kid.  

When signing up for a Sock Panda subscription, you can indicate whether your style is "Bold" (bright colors and fun graphics), "Cool" (wear them with pride in just about any office) or "Both".  I can't remember which option I chose but judging from the socks I received it must have been "Bold".  (Thanks to the proliferation of sock subscriptions, I am no longer shy when it comes to socks!) My first package arrived very quickly, about a week after I ordered.  

There were two pairs of what I'd call quite bold and colorful socks inside, both tagged with Sock Panda labels.  I did not know that pandas could write but there is was a hand written thank you note included.  I do like a well mannered panda!

The first pair of socks has a wild pattern of stripes in chartreuse (not yellow as it looks), orange and black with green cuff, toe and heel accents.  Little panda faces are near the top of each sock and "sock panda" is written in orange across the toes. These nice, stretchy comfortable socks are made of 85% Peruvian cotton, 10% nylon and 5% spandex.

I can't say I've ever owned any St. Patrick's Day themed socks before but thanks to Sock Panda, I do now!  These are green (of course) with leprechauns sliding down rainbows into pots of gold.  (The photo really doesn't do these justice.)  For once, I'll have exactly the right touch of green to wear on St. Pat's Day!  

I'm very pleased with my first Sock Panda socks.  They are well made and comfortable.  They are colorful and fun and add some life to my tired old sock drawer.  It will be fun to see how Sock Panda celebrates future holidays.  There are lots of sock subscription competitors out there but I don't think any of them send holiday specific socks.  

If you're interested in trying Sock Panda, here are some discount codes.  I believe these will work on both subscriptions and gift orders.

HELLO - 15% off your first month
SUB15 - 15% off your first month
MILITARY15 - 15% discount
PANDA10 - 10% discount

Have you tried Sock Panda?  If so, let us know what you thought in the Comments below!


Disclosure:  Views and opinions expressed in this blog are strictly my own.  Product discussed in this post was purchased by Lone Star Shopper. Post may contain referral or affiliate links.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Batch Austin Review, March 2015 + $40 Discount on 2015 Tour of Texas & Other Discount Codes!

Here in Texas, we just do things bigger and so does Batch!  They are about to commence a six month tour of the Lone Star State with stops in six cities, including Austin, San Antonio, Ft. Worth, El Paso, Houston and Dallas.  The April box will feature great local goods from Austin, then they'll take us to San Antonio in May, Ft. Worth in June, El Paso in July, Houston in August and Dallas in September.  More about all that at the end of this post.

To whet our appetites, let's see what came in Batch Austin's March box.  You always get big (sometimes HUGE) full size products in Batch boxes.  My little postal scale couldn't even handle this box (it only goes to 5 lbs.) but I think it's around 5.5 lbs.  I can assure you there aren't many subscription boxes that weigh that much. This box contains four items all of which were made in Austin.  (Yes, I checked the labels!)

The product card tells us the theme for the month which is "Just Brunch" and gives plenty of information about the purveyors.  

The "elephant" in the box is this ginormous bottle of Original Gourmet Bloody Mary Mix from Bloody Revolution.  This thing alone weighs 3 lbs. 6 oz!  This is a new brand that just became available in August 2013 with five flavors of bloody mary mixers.  I know the perfect neighbor who will enjoy this. Hopefully, I can update this post with his taste assessment soon.

Next is a jar of Champagne Jelly from Jelly Queens.  This is hand made in Austin and contains only champagne, white grape juice, sugar, lemon, coconut nectar and pectin....truly an original artisan product.

Then there is a package of Brazilian coffee from Casa Brasil.  The beans are bought directly from growers in Brazil and roasted in Austin.  This blend is called Fazenda Ambiental, which I believe is the name of a coffee plantation in Brazil that has been in operation since 1850. An intoxicating aroma is emanating from this bag......

The fourth and final product is a 12.6 oz. package of "Scrumptious Scones" baking mix from Bona Dea.  This non-GMO blend is also gluten free, vegan and made with whole grains.  Just add cream, eggs, butter and sugar plus any add ins you like.  I love scones and can't wait to try this mix.

Now, back to Batch's 2015 Tour of Texas!  If you purchase the six city boxes individually, the cost is $40 per month.  But if you sign up for the entire 6 city tour by April 1st, you get a $40 discount; basically one month for free.  If you choose this option, the cost for the entire tour is $200.  (shipping is free either way) The theme of April's Box is "On the Veranda".  I don't know what they'll be sending but I do know the items will be artisanal quality and generously sized.  

Of course, you can still sign up for the other Batch city subscriptions which focus on the gastronomic culture and cuisine of individual cities.  Prices vary but you can subscribe to Batch boxes centered around Atlanta, Austin, Charleston, Memphis or Nashville.  In addition, be sure to check out Batch's on-line store which features an impressive a la carte selection of past boxes and individual items.  This is a great place to pick up gifts for just about anyone, especially those for whom it's hard to find perfect gifts.

Use code SWEETDREAMS for a 20% discount on any gift batch.  The codes BELOCAL or BATCHTASTIC will get you a 10% discount off your first order.  I'm not sure if these codes will work on the Tour of Texas after April 1st but it certainly doesn't hurt to try.

I'm thrilled that Batch is featuring my state in this new tour!  Can't wait to see what products they feature for each city but rest assured...this is Texas and we know how to eat!

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Disclosure:  Views and opinions expressed in this blog are strictly my own.  Product discussed in this post was purchased by Lone Star Shopper. Post may contain referral or affiliate links.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Amor Naturals Soap Box Review, Spring 2015 + FREE Shipping & 15% Coupon Codes

If I were handing out prizes for beautiful presentation, the winner would probably be Amor Naturals.  Their quarterly Soap Box contains natural and organic bath products, all made by hand in small batches.  Boxes are themed and contain 5 or 6 sample size products plus a discount code to use towards a full sized product.  (I have not found these codes to be of much use since there are very few full size products stocked in their on-line store.)  The box costs $19.95 plus $4.99 for shipping. New subscribers can use code FREESHIP15 to get free shipping on their first box.

The theme of the current Amor Naturals box is Spring Blooms.  The products were packaged in aqua tissue with a floral "Hello Spring" information card included.  

The box contains six small items packed in pink crinkle shreds, one of which leaked and caused everything to be pretty sticky.  

This little bath melt tart looks good enough to eat.  The card says this is scented with Madagascar vanilla and rose essential oil but I can barely smell it at all.  Perhaps it will "bloom" in the bath tub.

Here is the leak offender, a Honey Avocado face mask.  This is a very sticky product whose appearance and consistency really don't appeal to me.  This little pot just isn't adequate for containing such a runny, sticky product. (I've since cleaned up the mess but you can see the problem in the photo.)  Hope there's at least enough left to get one facial mask application after all the trouble it caused in the box!  

There is a little spritz bottle of Agua Rosa, Hydrating Rose Water.  This is a fine spray, that when spritzed on the face, tones skin and refreshes makeup.  I don't have a lot of faith in facial sprays but this does smell nice and I think would be quite refreshing on a hot day.

This tiny little bottle contains Rosa Chia Face Elixir.  This contains jojoba oil and rosehip seed oil which nourish skin and correct dark spots.  A few drops can be applied to the face after cleansing and toning or used as an overnight treatment. There is very little product here but it does have a nice natural rose scent.

There is a foil pack containing just barely enough Coconut Honey Bath Milk Salts for one bath, less if you have a large tub.  This contains sea salt minerals, coconut milk and honey.  I love luxury bath products but I'm not sure there's enough here to really give a good spa experience.

The last item is a cute little bar of Almond Rose artisan facial soap.  This complexion soap contains almond milk, a source of Vitamins A & E and rose clay for gentle exfoliation.  I'm guessing the pink half contains the rose clay and the cream half contains the almond milk.

Although this box contains a lot of charm, overall, I was disappointed.    

What I liked:

  • Beautiful packaging
  • Artisan small batch products
  • High quality ingredients
  • Lovely scents
What didn't work:
  • Price is too high for amount of product received
  • Samples are so small that it's hard to really enjoy them
  • Print on information card and packaging is tiny and difficult to read; I had to use a jeweler's loupe
  • Mess from improperly packaged facial mask (should have been double wrapped in cellophane)
  • No full size products on which to use enclosed coupon code (SPRINGSKIN for 15% off) 

Sadly, the cons outweigh the pros this time.  The wonderful concept behind this box does fill a need in the subscription box world but unless they can find a way to send more product (or lower the price), I'm guessing most subscribers won't stick around for long.  If you decide to try the Amor Naturals Soap Box, you will get very small amounts of some really nice products.

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Disclosure:  Views and opinions expressed in this blog are strictly my own.  Product discussed in this post was purchased by Lone Star Shopper. Post does not contain referral or affiliate links. 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

e.l.f. Eyes Lips Face Beauty Bundle Review, Spring 2015 + $5.00 Discount & Coupon Codes!

Do you ever see something that you just can't afford NOT to buy?  (Ladies, you know exactly what I mean.  Gentlemen--just back away slowly.)  That's pretty much the case with e.l.f.'s (Eyes Lips Face) Beauty Bundle.  Their box comes out every eight weeks and costs just $19.99 plus shipping.  You get a large box jam packed with full size e.l.f. products.  I know of no other beauty box that sends so much for so little.  

Although e.l.f. is definitely on the budget end of the makeup spectrum, their products are of surprising quality.  Some of them rival luxury brands that cost 10 or 15 times as much.  They also carry a full line of makeup application brushes and there are always at least a couple of those in the boxes.

e.l.f.'s Spring Beauty Bundle arrived this week in the much anticipated big black and white box. I'm not kidding; this thing weighs almost 2.5 lbs.  

 When you open the box, the bundle is wrapped in a lot of hot pink tissue paper.

The welcome note on top includes a discount code (BeautyBundle) which will get 25% off your next purchase of $25 or more at e.l.f.'s store.  FYI...$25 goes a LONG ways with this brand.

Here's the drawstring black logo bag inside which all the products are packed. I have quite a collection of these; they are roomy and sturdy and useful for many purposes.

Can you believe how much product is in this box????  And not one sample size among them!

I should have removed the cosmetic case from the plastic before photography. It's a gunmetal color and measures about 8" x 6".  What I really like about it is the depth which is 2".  The inside has a waterproof lining with a zippered pocket on one side and an open pocket on the other side.  Perfect travel case!

There was a face primer in e.l.f.'s Spring Beauty Bundle last year.  That was a mineral infused primer; this one is a hydrating face primer which is definitely more suited to my skin type.

This nourishing cuticle pen is a new product to me.  It moisturizes cuticles with Vitamins E, A, C, B5 and aloe.  It provides deep hydration by sealing in moisture, giving you softer cuticles and healthier nails.  My nails are in desperate need of some love so this arrived just in the nick of time.

Two brushes were included in this box, an angled blush brush and a concealer brush.  The angled brush is one of the few I don't already have and I plan to use this one for applying bronzer.  e.l.f.'s brushes are exceptional for the price and I think they hold their own very well against much more expensive brands.

The one product I really don't need in this box is the baked eyeshadow. This one is "Enchanted" which looks like a light coppery rose shade with gold shimmer. Since I don't use eyeshadows, this will go in the trade pile.

Next is a pot containing a lip balm tint in a pretty peach shade.  This gives sheer hydrating color.  This looks like a go-with-anything lip staple to me.

There is a package of a dozen lip gloss wands.  These are commonly used by makeup artists and cosmetologists for maintaining hygiene between clients but I can see where they would be useful at home too.

You can't have too many makeup remover cleansing cloths as far as I'm concerned.  These have come in various forms in e.l.f. Beauty Bundles before which is fine with me.  This package contains 20 pre-moistened cloths.  I'm so glad that e.l.f. is generous with these in their Beauty Bundles!

I thought this black tube was a mascara but it's actually a hydrating under eye primer in a clear color. The purpose of this is to prime the undereye area to prevent concealer from settling into fine lines and wearing off.

I've saved the best for last!  If you've read my blog for any time at all, you know my favorite cosmetic is blush.  So, that's the "prize" for me whenever it appears in a beauty box.  e.l.f. included this beautiful mineral blush which is a woodsy rose shade called "Sweet Retreat" (a bit darker than it looks in the photo).  Although you can't customize e.l.f. boxes, they really nailed the shade of this blush....it is perfect for my skin tone!  (To be fair, this color is going to look good on most women.)

I think this is one of the best e.l.f. Beauty Bundles yet.  I love the emphasis on hydration in many of the products plus the fact that they included several new and unusual products. I am continually amazed at both the breadth and depth of e.l.f.'s cosmetic line.  After subscribing for more than a year, you'd think I'd be seeing a lot of repeats since they only send their brand.  But that has not been the case. There have been similar products but I haven't received more than one of any particular product.  That tells me that this company is on top of innovation, an amazing thing considering the affordability of their products.

If you would like $5.00 off your first e.l.f. order, please send me your e-mail address. I'll submit that to e.l.f. and they will send you your discount.  Please note that this discount is not good for Beauty Bundle plans and will not work if your e-mail address is already registered with e.l.f.

Be sure to check eBates if you want to do some shopping on e.l.f.'s site.  Right now, you can get 4.5% cash back on any order (including Beauty Bundles).  Save even more with the following codes:

PLAYBEAUTIFULLY - Get the "Play Beautifully Bundle" for just $6 with any $25 purchase
SALE30 - Get an extra 30% off sale and clearance items
ONLYHERE - Get 50% off a $30+ online exclusives order
SHIP25 - Get free shipping on a $25 order
HELLO - New customers get free shipping on a $20+ order

e.l.f. offers an enormous range of really nice cosmetics at bargain basement prices. Their site is a great place to shop for younger girls, anyone new to makeup or anyone on a tight budget.  I highly recommend their Beauty Bundle for quality, variety and value; they just don't have any sub box competition at the $19.99 price point.

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Disclosure:  Views and opinions expressed in this blog are strictly my own.  Product discussed in this post was purchased by Lone Star Shopper. Post does not contain referral or affiliate links.

French Box February 2015 Replacement Items & Retrospective

A true test of character for any company is how they handle their mistakes.  The subscription box business is not immune and with the enormous challenges involved in getting a new box off the ground, problems are inevitable.  French Box certainly experienced their share with the February box which was a hot mess.  I didn't bother to review that box but its problems were widely reported and lots of drama ensued. What made that box such a spectacular failure is that, since their debut last fall, French Box had been sending some of the highest quality boxes out there.  To see such a disaster with their name on it was an unpleasant surprise for subscribers.

In case you missed it, the February French Box contained a box of L'Oreal nail wraps, a L'Oreal lipstick, some heart-shaped bath pearls, a Paris-themed emery board and a cosmetic serum by Alexis Cosmetics.  Many subscribers reported old and tattered packaging on the lipstick and some (including me) got just a lipstick with no packaging at all.  The bath pearls looked like a dollar store item and contained no ingredient list.  The facial serum appeared to be discolored and also had no packaging or ingredient label. The nail wraps and emery board were o.k., but obviously inexpensive.  

The howls of protest were immediate.  Angry complaints flooded French Box's Facebook page and the comment sections of many blogs.  Demands for replacements and refunds were everywhere.  Human nature being what it is, there were exaggerated claims and ridiculous demands for restitution. To read the vitriol on French Box's Facebook page, you would think an expired lipstick or lack of an ingredient label were truly catastrophic events!

French Box was a bit slow to respond to the maelstrom; it was clear that they were in damage control mode.  First they sent an e-mail telling subscribers not to use the facial serum or the lipstick.  That gave impetus to the opportunistic crowd who (predictably) raised their demands for compensation. Apologies and explanations were eventually forthcoming with the bottom line being that French Box was re-grouping and two replacement items with a combined value of $35 would be sent to everyone who had received the February box. French Box said that their March box would be delayed. Details about future boxes and pre-paid subscriptions were unclear.

I received the two replacement items fairly quickly, a shower gel and a body scrub. 

The first item is an exfoliating hand scrub from La Sultan de Saba.  I've never run across this type of product before so had to give it a try.  It's a grainy scrub made with rice powder.  It eliminates dead skin cells, leaving your hands feeling very soft. It has a slightly oriental amber musk sandalwood scent.  Retail value is $20

The second replacement product is a shower gel called Les Notes de Lanvin in Oud & Rose. (Can someone tell me what "oud" means?)  This does have a lovely scent and I'm sure will please anyone who loves luxurious bath and shower products. Retail value is $14 

These products are typical of the quality and value that subscribers had come to expect from French Box. I do feel that the replacement items adequately made up for the problems in the February box.  The fact that the mistakes were acknowledged and quickly rectified speaks well of this company. 

It does seem unlikely that French Box will be able to continue sending a box of imported luxury products for just $24.  They have not been clear about their plans but I suspect their service will be re-engineered with both frequency and price adjustments.  For now, French Box is on hiatus and their future is uncertain.  Only time will tell whether or not they can survive the debacle of February's box.

As for character...well, it goes both ways.  The response to February's problems brought out the best and worst in people. Some took the low road, immediately resorting to threats and extortion with downright absurd demands.  (Makes you wonder how these people react when there is a REAL problem in their lives?)  Like common looters, the opportunists stepped right up looking to profit from the situation.  Others were much more circumspect, watchful for a solution but demonstrating a mature compassion for the business stresses experienced by a new company.  Turns out that a failed subscription box is a pretty good litmus test for personal character!

There were a lot of lessons here...primarily for French Box but also in how we as consumers react to the tiniest bit of adversity.  As for me, I appreciate their quick acknowledgement and response to this situation.  French Box has a great concept and their first few months were marked by stellar boxes.  I hope to see them recover so they can keep charming us with little monthly doses of French luxury!

Thanks for reading,


Disclosure:  Views and opinions expressed in this blog are strictly my own.  Product discussed in this post was purchased by Lone Star Shopper. Post does not contain referral or affiliate links.    

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Yumvelope Gourmet Food & Snacks Review, March 2015 + 20% Discount Code!

This should be called a phantom review since at least half the products in my March Yumvelope box are already gone!  Yumvelope promises to send "real food made by real people".  For $21 you get a good sized box filled with at least six full sized products made by small batch regional artisans around the U.S.  The products are all natural and may include snacks, drinks and desserts.

For some reason, the items in this box did not photograph well.  Most of them are packaged in highly reflective wrappers which is part of the problem.  The photographer's lack of skill <ahem> is the other problem.  Also the labels on the packages pretty much obscure the contents so I'll do my best to describe what's in each one.

March's box contained seven items and an information card packed in light green tissue. Three of the products vanished within a day so I'll try to describe those from memory.  (In my defense, some Yumvelope items are highly perishable so it's necessary to consume them quickly.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.)  

First to disappear was the Blondeez Gourmet Blonde Brownies from Keena's Kake Designs in Georgia Peach.  This was not my idea of a brownie at all.  It was a delicious moist yellow cake with bits of peach or peach flavor.  I would just call it a slice of peach cake. Use code DISCOVERYBOX for 10% off a purchase at their site.

The past tense is again required to describe the Cranberry Orange Cookies from Grey Ghost Bakery.  Grey Ghost cookies have appeared in a lot of subscription boxes. They have a homemade artisan quality that makes them most welcome in my house.  These had a tasty balance of cranberry and orange flavors with lots of pecans.  They had a nice crispy texture that I'm guessing was provided by brown sugar.    

Biscotti have never been a favorite of mine but since they arrive frequently in sub boxes, I'm learning to appreciate them.  There are two from Marlo's Bake Shop in Banana Bread flavor. I dunked one in cappuccino and it did taste just like banana bread.  In general, I prefer chocolate biscotti if I'm going to eat them, but I must admit...this was good!

I don't have to rely on memory to describe the next items as they have miraculously survived their first few days in my presence. There is another "brownie" from Keena's Kake Designs. This is the Marshmallow Swirl version of Fudgeez Gourmet Brownies. Again, it looks more like a cake than a brownie. But who am I to quibble when words like "Fudgeez", "gourmet brownie" and "marshmallow swirl" are involved?  

There is a Cranberry Raisin Endurance Bar from Amrita Health Foods packaged inside its own information brochure.  This is a raw energy bar with lots of health benefits.  Use code THANKS for a 15% discount on your first order at their site. This must be a bonus item since it is not listed on Yumvelope's information card.

The last and biggest item is a 5 oz. package of "handcrafted sweetly coated peanuts" from Lush Nuts.  The label also says "Salt & Pepper".  These are really good; fortunately, the salt and pepper flavorings are not overwhelming.  The ingredient list shows only peanuts, sugar, salt and pepper...that's it!  (Sorry for the awful photo but the package just wasn't photogenic.)

I just noticed that Yumvelope has a new "Gold" program for rewarding loyal subscribers. After your third month in any recurring subscription, you'll get something extra in your box. That's a nice incentive to stick around!

If you're interested in trying Yumvelope, use the code lonestarshopper for a 20% discount off your first month.  Oh...and pace yourself.  Try not to devour the entire box in one sitting.

Poor Yumvelope...you're so sweet, you just don't stand a chance around me!


Disclosure:  Views and opinions expressed in this blog are strictly my own.  Product discussed in this post was purchased by Lone Star Shopper. Post does not contain referral or affiliate links.