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Orange Glad Gourmet Dessert Sweet Box Review, May 2014 + 2 Discount Codes!!

If you have a gourmet sweet tooth, Orange Glad just may have a solution with their Gourmet Sweet Box subscription! Each month, they send five deluxe desserts from bakeries and sweet shops around the country. You can also buy single boxes or send them as gifts.  The pricing structure looks like this:

Subscription Plans

Monthly Plan - $15 plus S&H
3 Month Plan - $14 plus S&H
6 Month Plan - $13 plus S&H

Gift Boxes (One Time Purchase)

One Box - $15 plus S&H
Three Boxes - One time charge of $42 plus S&H
Six Boxes - One time charge of $78 plus S&H

For an additional $12, you can get double the amount of treats in any of the above boxes.

In addition to the Sweet Boxes, they also have a marketplace where you can buy various gourmet gift boxes and individual treats a la carte.

My first box took one month and three days to arrive after initial payment which was a bit annoying.  Their site says that orders placed before the last day of the month will be filled in the following month.  So if you were to order at the end of the month, you might not have long to wait.  But I ordered in the second week of the month and had to wait a full month.  They did finally send me a notice of shipment, then it was another five or six days before the box arrived (not the two to three days estimate given in the tracking e-mail). That means the baked products inside were at least a week old when I received them...and that's not even counting the time from the bakery to the distribution point. 

The Sweet Box is a good sized cardboard box with their logo on the lid:

Inside you see orange tissue paper first (as their name suggests!), then green:

The information card tells about the products and vendors and gives their ingredients:

The first item was a big S'More Cookie from Baking Betty's, so named because it contained graham crackers, chocolate chips and three marshmallows on top.  This is one of the items that was marked "Please enjoy right away" on the card, so I did!  It was definitely good but I would have enjoyed it more if I'd had it a week sooner.

Another "Please enjoy right away" item from Baking Betty's is a small peanut butter cup cookie.  This is about one third to one half the size of the first cookie.

Then there is a package of two Welsh Cakes in Cranberry Orange flavor.  The card says these are a cross between a cookie, a scone and a pancake.  They originated in Wales and are cooked on a griddle, not baked.  These should be good when heated...something like fancy little English muffins!

Next are two handmade Italian Butterhorns by Cici's.  These are hand rolled and made from a light buttery dough, then filled with cinnamon, sugar and walnuts.  They look delicious and have inspired me with an idea of what to do with Pillsbury crescent rolls from a can.  (Why didn't I think of this sooner?)

Last and certainly not least is a gluten-free Ultimate Brownie from the Fine Sconehenge Baking Company.  It's made from rice flour, dark chocolate and butter. Can't wait to try this one!

I think Orange Glad is providing a really nice product at a good price. With gourmet baked goods though, the issue is always going to be freshness, with the question being how fast they can move it from the bakery to your mailbox.  In my opinion, they are going to have to find a way to speed that up to stay in the game.

If you'd like to try Orange Glad, use code FIRST10 to get your first box for $10.00.  I believe this will work on any subscription plan and also on the 3 or 6 month gift plan. 

Also, you can use code LOVESWEETS for a 10% discount on their marketplace items.

If you've tried Orange Glad, I'd be interested to hear what you think in the Comments below.

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