Saturday, May 17, 2014

Co-Ed Supply Box (Girl) Review for May, 2014 plus 50% Off Sale!

Even though Co-Ed Supply has suspended shipping for the summer, I'm going to go ahead and review their May box since they have a great liquidation-type sale going on at their website right now. Everything is at least 50% off!  A lot of the items are sold out but you can still buy a few of the past boxes and many of the individual items. I have not been through a full year cycle with this company but I assume they are clearing everything out over the summer to make way for new products in the fall. 

As of the date of this post, the May Classic and Deluxe boxes for both guys and girls are still available for purchase. Also, many individual items from past boxes are available a la carte but it looks like they are going fast due to the steep discounts.

Here's a quick look at what came in the girl's box for May...and yes, I'm afraid there are more mustaches.

The heaviest item in the box this time is a box of Hornie Corn, a microwave popcorn.  This box contains three bags and has a wild tale about the origin of this product on the back.  It starts in 1869 and involves goats and moonshine and contraband and coal mines and oh yeah, did I say goats?  Just pick up a box and read it yourself!  (I see that it's only $3.99 on their site at the moment.)

Next is a bag of NoTatoes Cassava Tortilla Chips, "Potato's Ugly Cousin".  I like cassava chips a lot, except when they are drenched in vinegar (as I've seen them in several other sub boxes).  These are multi grain, including quinoa, flax and sesame seeds.   

College subscription boxes usually contain energy supplements of one kind or another. This month it's a small box of Peak Energy tabs in Original Mint flavor.  The packaging suggests (to me) something that would be more appropriate in a guy's box but I'm sure every student could use a little caffeine boost.

Next is a Kind Plus bar loaded with antioxidants and Vitamins A, C and E.  This one is Pomegranate and Blueberry Pistachio.  These are great all natural sources of fiber.

"Wash With Joe" turns up in a lot of subscription boxes.  I have no idea who Joe is and am pretty certain I don't want to wash with him.  This little bottle has no labeling other than "Coffeemint Invigorating Bodywash". Again, looks like more of a guy's product to me....a common issue with the Co-Ed Supply girl's boxes that I've received.

Another very common (but welcome) sub box item is a limited portion bag of Snapea Crisps, lightly salted and roasted green peas in the pod.  I know this sounds like something that should be bad but these are actually one of my favorite healthy snacks and a great alternative to chips!  (I buy the big bags at Whole Foods.)

The Veggie Chips by The Daily Crave were also in last month's Co-Ed Supply Box.  I'm not complaining; they're good...and colorful.


The Rapid Ramen Cooker in the May box is a great item for anybody but particularly students relying on microwaves since a pot and a stove are not required.  Just put the noodles in, add water, microwave for 4 minutes...done!  (These are still available on the site right now for $6.99.)

Another item that was in the April box (although a different flavor) was a package of Olomomo Almonds. These are "Cherry Vanilla Dream"; great for a quick protein boost.

And for the second month in a row, the girl's box has a "mustache" item....this time a package of six mustache magnets.  I'm not feeling this one...mustaches belong on men, not the refrigerator!


Lastly, there is a package of Pretzel Crisps by Snack Factory.  These are very thin pretzel chips with zero fat grams.  I like these and think they'd be great paired with cheese. Really good and harmless snack.

That's it for the May Co-Ed Supply Box.  As I mentioned at the top, there are some great end-of-season bargains on their site right now but they are going fast.  Click here to see what's still available!

Congratulations to all the new grads and those who have finished up another school year!

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Unknown said...

Love your review!! You did a great job! You got some different things then me, like two more items.

Samantha Marie

Lone Star Shopper said...

Interesting, I've always wondered if we all get the same thing. I guess not! Thanks for reading, Cheryl

annsmkt said...

I have used "Wash with Joe." I'm not sure if it got me cleaner, but it certainly is unique--sort of an interesting smelling liquid that might be best used with a loofah or some sort of sponge.