Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Boxtera May 2014 Review, Healthy All Natural Snacks!

It's been a while since I've done a Boxtera review.  If you missed my last one in February, click here for the details on how this subscription service works.

I have sort of a love/hate relationship with Boxtera.  I love the concept of a healthy snack box arriving once a month. The price is reasonable for what you get.  What I don't like is that you can't customize Boxtera boxes to suit your own tastes and that public comments are disabled on their Facebook page.  If you read my Things to Consider post in February, you'll understand why that is a problem.   

Setting aside those concerns, I am pretty happy with the May box that just arrived.  As always, there are five snack bags, two of which I've had before.

The first package contains dried tangerine slices, something that is completely new to me. I didn't think a citrus fruit would work in this form but these are actually quite good!

Then we have Boxtera's Pub Mix which contains peanuts, soy sticks, pretzels, mini bread sticks, rye chips and maybe a few other things I can't identify. This is delicious and has the fat grams to prove it....8g per 1 oz. serving!

Next is something that looks like you definitely should not put it in your mouth....Hibiscus Snacks.  I would NOT have put these in my mouth if I hadn't seen several YouTubers do so on camera and react positively. These have an alarming appearance but a great chewy fruity taste....nobody was more surprised than me! (They are considerably darker than they look in this a bag of giant dead Amazonian bugs.) Only three ingredients are listed on the label; hibiscus, sugar and sulphur dioxide.

If you didn't have me here to explain, what would you think these are?  You'd probably be wrong.

This is not a pile of cold limp bacon.  These are Banana Ribbons....I kid you not!  I like all things banana but these are just so-so.  I would much prefer dried banana coins or bananas dried in smaller pieces.  These are too chewy and are my least favorite item in this month's box. If Boxtera allowed you to customize your box, I wouldn't have received (and had to pay for) these a second time.

And finally, a snack I've really come to love as it has appeared in several subscription boxes...dried mango chews.  As you can see, looks are not their strong point but flavor is. These are very hard on your teeth; you can't consume one without slobbering!  But they're worth the effort and my bag of them is already almost gone.

This will be my last Boxtera review for a while.  Because I get healthy snacks from several other subscription box companies that do allow you to customize your monthly box and who do not censor their Facebook page, I've decided to stick with those for a while. I have noticed some positive changes with Boxtera since I started subscribing (like proper nutritional labeling) so hopefully their business will evolve to a point where snackers can choose what they like.  If and when that occurs, I'll be first in line to re-subscribe!

If you would like to try Boxtera, click here.  I haven't been able to find any current discount codes but if I do, I'll update this post.  If you know of any, please comment below and I'll add it right here.

Thanks so much to my loyal readers!


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