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Taste Trunk (Sweet Trunk) May 2014 Review + 25% Discount Code!

It's always a good day when my Taste Trunk arrives!  I subscribe to their Sweet Trunk and they can be counted on to send some wonderful gourmet desserts.  May's box contained five items from five vendors, three in California and two in New York.  One of them is probably the best tasting product I've ever received in a subscription box. Read on to find out what that is!

If you missed my Taste Trunk review for April, catch up here.

Now let's dive in to the May box!  As always, it arrived in their signature treasure chest printed box (not pictured).  Inside were four cards with information about the artisan brands included in the box. 

And here are the goodies, a delectable mix of desserts and treats!  The wrapped caramels and the cards came inside vintage Sears catalog printed paper bags...these aren't pictured but you can see them in my prior review.

Before I tell you about each item, there was an issue with this box.  When I opened it, there were crumbs all over everything and the lid on the big tub of cookies was open. I'm sure it probably just popped open in transit but I didn't feel comfortable with an open package, so I contacted Customer Service.  They couldn't have been more responsive, e-mailing me back right away with an apology and the news that a replacement was on the way.  Great service and a textbook example of how to properly address customer problems!

The large container contained Russian Tea Cakes from Graceful Cookie of Vallejo, California.  These look like a gourmet version of the ones we've all made at home...a buttery shortbread cookie coated in a thin layer of powdered sugar.  I can't wait to try them when my replacement arrives.

Next is a big single serving of a Classic Crumb Cake by Sweet Sam's of Bronx, NY. This is a rich buttery cake piled high with crumbs.  Looks like it would be great for breakfast as well as a dessert.

There is a 9 oz. jar of Raspberry Lambic Caramel Sauce.  This is described as a "luscious, whole-raspberry beer joyfully united with a rich, buttery salted caramel" from the Boujie Baking Co. in Arcata, CA. (I definitely want to taste anything with "joyfully united" ingredients!)  I wasn't sure what to do with this but the information card gives a suggestion.  They have provided a recipe for Cheesecake Cupcakes and recommend drizzling this sauce over them.  Very tempting!

What I thought were Rice Krispy squares are actually Toasted Coconut Marshmallows from Sweet & Sarah of Long Island City, NY.  Artisanal marshmallows have risen in popularity in recent years and are much more available than they used to be but somehow I had never tasted one.  These are wonderful!

And...drum roll favorite sweet from any sub box I've received to date......a sack full of Almond Caramel Chews!  These to-die-for candies come from Nunes Farms in Newman, CA.  Caramels are not my favorite candy; at least, not until now.  For one thing, these are soft, not tough and chewy. They have a distinct taste that obviously comes from quality ingredients. Slivers of almonds give them an exquisite flavor. These are SO good that I plan to order more directly from Nunes Farms!


I'm really having to pace myself with this month's box; everything is so good.  And it's just nice to know I'm dealing with a company who stands behind their product if a problem occurs.  Taste Trunk rocks!

Use the code Lonestarshopper25 for a 25% discount off your first box.  Or you may be able to get a 40% discount on your first box by entering your e-mail on Taste Trunk's home page. You won't be disappointed!

If you've tried Taste Trunk's Sweet Trunk or any of their other trunks, please comment below.  And don't forget to subscribe!

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