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Total Beauty Review of "The Beautiful You Collection" May 2014 + $10 Promo Code!!!!

In case you can't tell, I'm just a bit obsessed with Total Beauty's various collections! That's partly because there is no commitment and partly because you can pick and choose which collections you like. Plus you get access to some pretty high end cosmetics whose retail price might otherwise scare you off. The collections get even more attractive when they near the end of their run and the prices drops by a third or more.  "The Beautiful You Collection" is still available on their site but I have a feeling it won't be around for much longer. So, if you're interested, hop on it soon!

The Beautiful You Collection contains seven bath and body items.  Two of them were "revealed" and the rest were surprises.  This collection arrived in their signature sleek matte box:

Inside was the explanatory card which shows a total product value of $95.65 to $105.65 and a brochure for Apothederm with an expired discount code on the front.  (Boo!)

There is a .7 oz. of Apothederm, which is a stretch mark cream.  This helps build collagen and reduces the appearance of red and silver stretch marks.  It is said to give visible results within two weeks.

A body wash containing Moroccan argan stem cells and organic argan oil by Acure is included.  This has a fairly strong almond smell to me, although I don't see that on the label.


Next is "Your Body Scrubber" by Daily Concepts for "individuals who think and sing in the shower".  This is a rectangular scrubber with a loop attached.  Its plastic carrying pouch is designed to be hung on your shower wall with the included suction cup.  It has drainage holes in the bottom.  Really functional packaging! 

The Honest Face & Body Lotion is a rich blend of organic olive oil, calendula and organic aloe that rehydrates, nurtures and moisturizes.  The Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask by REN is a facial exfoliating mask.  Looks like there's only enough here for one application.  

One of the revealed products is a full size bottle of ProBalanze Probiotics by Nature's Dynamics.  This product contains a blend of six live beneficial probiotics that help support a healthy digestive track and immune system.  This is a dietary supplement and the bottle contains 60 caplets.  With a retail value of $39.95, this by itself is worth double what you pay for the entire collection!  Some customers will receive gummy multi-vitamins by Nature's Dynamics or BodyBoost Bone and Calcium Gummies instead of the ProBalanze.  

The other revealed item is a book called "Yogalosophy--28 Days to the Ultimate Mind-Body Makeover" by Mandy Ingber.  This 287 page softcover book contains wonderful color photos of the various yoga poses. There is a LOT of great information packed into this book; it also is easily worth the entire cost of this collection by itself.

The Beautiful You Collection by Total Beauty is a great buy at its original $30.  It's an even better buy at $20 when you use the Promo Code SAVE33.  I don't know how much longer this collection will be available but if you're interested, I'd grab one now.

If you've tried a Total Beauty collection, please comment below and let me know your favorite so far!

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