Saturday, April 5, 2014

Taste Trunk (Sweet Trunk) Subscription Box Review March 2014 + 25% Discount!

One of the hazards of writing a subscription box review blog is that you really can't tear into some of the more delicious looking items until a) they are photographed and b) have been written up.  So I'm in a hurry to write this post.  When you see some of the items below, you'll understand why!

Since I first reviewed Taste Trunk last month, I'll just provide a link if you'd like to read more details about who they are, what they offer and how their service works: Taste Trunk Review February 2014

Here is March's hefty treasure chest printed box:

Inside, a black envelope contains four explanatory cards for this month's contributors, one each for New Canaan Farms, Carol's Cookies, Dancing Deer Baking Co. and Torie & Howard.  

Half the box is occupied by three of the biggest individually packaged cookies I have ever seen! This photo really does not do them justice.  Each one of these gargantuan cookies weighs almost half a pound and measures more than four inches across. These come from Carol's Cookies in Highland Park, IL. They are handmade and the ingredient list on the back of each package actually reads like a recipe you'd make yourself without a single unrecognizable additive or preservative.  The three flavors I received are Peanut Butter Chocolate, Oatmeal Raisin and Toffee Crunch. Fortunately for me, these can be frozen for up to a month.   

Next is a tin of individually wrapped organic hard candies by Torie & Howard in the "pomegranate & nectarine" flavor.  The same thing (in a different flavor) was included in last month's box.  The candies are good and the tin is reusable.  

A brown paper bag printed with vintage advertisements contained ten gold wrapped milk chocolate half dollars. I SO wish these had been dark chocolate!  Oh well, they are fun and will go to a friend who prefers milk chocolate.  (I'll give you three guesses as to why there are only NINE coins in the photo!)

An elegant gourmet item in this month's box is a full size bottle of "Strawberry Chocolate Dessert Sauce" by New Canaan Farms. This stuff smells decadent and the label suggests using it on ice cream sundaes, cupcakes or dessert crepes.  The crepe idea really appeals to me!  

And last but not least is a six ounce box of Lemon Daisy Cookies by the Dancing Deer Baking Co. These all natural cookies are made from quality ingredients and packaged in a whimsical way. There are 12 cookies in the package.

Now you can see why I was in a hurry to get this post finished!  My Taste Trunk awaits!

If you would like to try Taste Trunk, they have provided a generous 25% discount code for new customers:  Lonestarshopper25.  

Enjoy and thanks for reading!



Unknown said...

Something feels TOO RIGHT about the words "gargantuan cookies". Great article!

Lone Star Shopper said... literally took me three days to eat one of those cookies and I'm a major cookie monster. Thanks for reading!