Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy Dog Box, April 2014 Review + 50% Off Your First Box!

4/30/14 Update:  I heard from Happy Dog today that they are not accepting new subscribers at the moment.  Keep an eye on their Facebook page!  

There is SO much joy in my house when our Happy Dog Box arrives each month! Tucker, Chief of Security and Head Product Tester can't wait for me to open the box, then sniffs through it ecstatically.  We go through the box together, then after much excited deliberation, he chooses what he'd like to sample first.

Normally, Tucker's tail participates enthusiastically in the selection process. However, due to a minor conflict with some barbed wire this week, his tail is slightly impaired.  Not to worry though, he's a total professional and fully capable of fulfilling his duties!

Our Happy Dog Box for April contained five items.  There was one toy, three full size packages of treats and a big bone.  

The enclosed information card tells about each product, its ingredients and the company behind it.  It is nice to see that all the snacks are labeled "Made in the U.S.A."

First out of the box is a good size package of All-Natural Beef Lung Dog Treats by Pet 'n Shape.  Tucker didn't quite know what to make of these but dedicated product tester that he is, he sampled one.  Then requested another.  He is a chewer with a small mouth, so these little treats make him happy and keep him busy.

The toy this month is a cute sock monkey.  Unfortunately, this is a fail for Tucker. He doesn't play with soft toys, preferring to chew on rawhide snacks or bones. This monkey is quite durable and has a squeaker inside, but Tucker made it clear he's way too mature for that. So, we'll have to re-home this little monkey.

The next package of snacks is Chicken Jerky with Kelp & Pumpkin by Pet Kelp.  These contain chicken, kelp, pumpkin, flax, rice starch and sea salt.  These are quite chewy and gave Tucker's teeth a workout, which he liked.

When signing up for Happy Dog Box, you complete a short profile telling them about your dog.  One of the details you provide is your dog's size.  Because Tucker is a dachshund and weighs only 24 lbs., I was surprised that they sent a foot long lamb leg bone!  I was going to donate this to a home with a bigger dog but since Tucker is extremely interested in it, I may just let him have a go at it.  Even packaged, this thing is somewhat of a greasy mess, so it will be strictly for outdoor consumption/entertainment.

The last item in this month's box is a package of Turkey with Cranberry Dog Treats by Plato.  These contain 90% turkey and support healthy digestion.  Tucker's response was a little lukewarm to these but, consummate professional that he is, he ate a sample and agreed to try some more.

That's everything for this month.  Tucker is happy and so am I.  That's what counts, right? 

Would you and your pup like to try Happy Dog Box?  If so, click here to get 50% off your first shipment. Your dog will LOVE you for it!  

Tucker says "Now about that leg bone......."

Sorry, gotta run!


P.S.  If you can't get the discount link to work, please send me your e-mail address at and I'll submit it to them directly.

P.S.S.  If you missed my Happy Dog Box review for March and want to catch up, click here.

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