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Co-Ed Supply March 2014 Subscription Box Review + $10 Discount!

Co-Ed Supply is a subscription service geared towards college students.  But after seeing their March box, I think almost anyone could benefit from most of the products in the box.  The boxes come in two sizes:
  • The Classic - $20/mo. - 7-9 products on average, free shipping
  • The Deluxe - $35/mo. - 12-15 products on average, free shipping
You can also gift just one box for the same prices.  When you sign up, you indicate whether the box is for a girl or a guy and the contents will be curated accordingly.

I received the Deluxe box for a girl.  When the box arrived, I was immediately impressed because, at more than three pounds, it's the biggest subscription box I have received to date. Size does count when it comes to subscription boxes! 

Inside was the standard information card which describes the products and gives their retail values.  

The biggest item in the box (and I suspect the main difference between this box and the smaller "Classic" box) is a Paper Desk Set by Kikkerland.  This is a brightly colored and coordinated set of 10 paper boxes that fit together to make a tray to organize desk clutter. Wonderful creative idea for a college student or any home office!

Next is a bag of Medley's Original Zesty Mix by El's.  This is a gluten-free snack mix made of flaxseed corn ships (which I love), corn nuts, pretzels, potato chips and various seasonings. Looks really good!

There is a single serving package of Chia Boost whole seeds by Salba, which I've heard is good sprinkled on oatmeal or cereal or mixed in various drinks.  A small box of "Energems" is another dietary supplement that provides "great tasting energy" pieces made with milk chocolate.  These are both new to me but seem appealing enough to try.

Then we have a package containing four sturdy red plastic "Knorks", grandly described as "The World's Newest Multi-Functional Utensil".  Supposedly, these are made in such a way that they serve as both fork and knife.  They look like they are meant to be used more than once and are marked "dishwasher safe".

Next is a package of Mama's Magic Mix, "a snack that's naughty & nice".  This one is called "Banana Split Baby Mama Drama"....not sure I'd want to send this one to a college girl!  But it does look good; it's an interesting mix of freeze dried banana chips and strawberries, peanuts, caramel puffs and chocolate covered graham crackers.

Another cute Kikkerland product in this box is an Owl Laundry Bag.  This is a gray nylon bag with a blue owl on the front.  It holds up to two loads of laundry and has a pull string closure.  Very cute and useful!

There is a box containing a Secret Clinical Strength solid deodorant.  At .5 oz., this one is about half the normal size.  Would be great for travel.

There are two packets of first aid powders by Urgent Rx.  One is "Headache Relief To-Go" and the other is "Ache & Pain Relief To-Go", both in lemon-lime flavor.  I believe the powder form is intended to make these products work more quickly than pills.

Packaged cookies don't normally appeal to me, BUT....we're talking mini double chocolate chip cookies here.  I can make an exception.  These are by Home Free and are gluten free and all natural.

And finally we have two substantial looking food/energy bars by Two Degrees, one in apple pecan flavor and the other chocolate peanut.  These look delicious!

As you can see, this was quite an interesting box to open.  It was fun to find several new items that I have not seen in other subscription boxes. The box contained 13 products, 6 or 7 of which were full sized.  Some of these I will keep for myself and some will be gifted to nieces. This would definitely make a GREAT gift for any college student! 

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