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Taste Trunk (Sweet Trunk) April 2014 Review + 25% (Maybe More) Discount Code!

One of the hazards of subscribing to a high end sweet box is that you must either eat the contents quickly or freeze them.  That's even more the case if you need to keep the goods around long enough to write a blog post. April's Taste Trunk has been here for a few days now so I need to hop to it!

Taste Trunk offers four different types of subscriptions:  Gourmet, Sweet, BBQ and Health.  You can change your category at any time.  So far, I've chosen the "Sweet Trunk" each month .  I'm not enough of a BBQ cook to justify that box and I get enough healthy treats through other subscriptions so don't really need that one. I may try the Gourmet Trunk some time but I'm a bit leery of those as they can contain highly specialized items that I probably would not use. With the Sweet Trunk, it's a safe bet that my palate will be happy and all the contents will vanish!

If you missed my post on Taste Trunk's March box, click here.

The Sweet Trunk is always gratifying to get in the mail.  It's a big hefty box that's usually bursting at the seams...something we all want to see in sub boxes!  April's box was no exception.  

First out are the cards describing products provided by five vendors--Just Desserts, Torie & Howard, Two Snooty Chefs, Dancing Deer and Miss Meringue. Three of these are new (to me, anyway) and two are repeats, although with different products.

Half the box was occupied by my favorite product, a big tub of chocolate meringue cookies by Miss Meringue.  These are pretty much guilt free as they have no fat and are low calorie (seven of them have only 100 calories).  I'm not saying they're GREAT for you as they consist mostly of sugar, but when you must have something sweet, it's nice to have these around.  I find them quite satisfying when I'm having a sugar snack attack.

Next is a package of four all-natural Blondie Squares by Dancing Deer Baking Co.  This is one of those high quality products that deteriorates rapidly if you don't eat it right away. The package isn't dated so I don't know when they were made but they were pretty dry by the time they reached me.  These are very high in fat (15g per bar) so aren't something most people would consume quickly.  They do taste good but I would have preferred chocolate brownies.

As if they heard me, the next product in the box is a single Caramel Pecan Brownie, also by Dancing Deer. This looks great and I can't wait to get into it!

For the third month in a row, there is a cute tin of hard candies by Torie & Howard, this time in pink grapefruit and tupelo honey flavor.  I'm getting a little tired of these. They are a nice aesthetic addition to the box but the flavors are weird (o.k. "unconventional") so they tend to sit around here for a long time.

Next is something delicious but with an appearance that looks like it came by Pony Express.  It's a mini carrot bundt cake from Just Desserts.  As you can see in the photo, it wasn't secured well in its container and arrived as a complete mess with frosting rubbed all over the lid.  Maybe not the best product for inclusion in a box that has to travel, is delicious.  It's a nice moist carrot cake with walnuts that almost tastes like it's homemade.  And now I want to find some mini bundt pans...the result is just so cute!

The last item is a dark chocolate bar called "Mocha Mole" by Two Snooty Chefs.  (I love that name!) "Mole" is a Spanish term for a spicy topping that contains chocolate and is generally served as a condiment for poultry.  In this case, the term refers to the various seasonings that give the chocolate a bit of a kick. Add coffee extract to that and you've got quite an interesting chocolate bar.  (I downgraded from "wonderful" to "interesting" because this is a little spicier than I would like.  Still good though.)

So, that's it for April; as always, they sent a fun, delicious and unique mix of sweets! I am hoping Taste Trunk will be able to sign up some new vendors over the next few months but in the meantime, I'm thoroughly enjoying the Sweet Trunks.

Taste Trunk has provided a special code for my readers.  If you'd like to try them out, use Lonestarshopper25 for a 25% discount off your first box.  Sometimes, you can also get 40% off your first box just by going to their website and signing up.  (I'm not sure if that deal is available all the time or not.) 
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