Saturday, April 19, 2014

Conscious Box March & April 2014 Reviews + 50% off first box!

This review will be for both the March and April 2014 Conscious Boxes.  This subscription service features natural GMO-free snacks, health and beauty and home goods products. You can choose to receive a "Gluten Free", "Vegan" or "Classic" curated box.  In reading various reviews, I notice that the products in the different categories of boxes are quite different.

Starting in May, Conscious Box will be undergoing a change.  Instead of one size, they will have two sizes of boxes available. The longer the term of the subscription, the less you pay per month. Shipping is free for all subscriptions.  The two sizes and pricing tiers are:  

Conscious Box Taster - will feature 5-8 items each month

  • $9.95 monthly
  • $8.95 for three months
  • $7.95 for six months
  • $6.95 for twelve months
Conscious Box Plus - will feature 8-12 items each month with more full size and premium products.
  • $19.95 monthly
  • $18.95 for three months
  • $17.95 for six months
  • $16.95 for twelve months
I've decided to review two consecutive months of Conscious Boxes for a couple of reasons. First, I never got around to reviewing the March box.  Second, the duplication between months and preponderance of tiny samples will be apparent.  I believe these issues may have generated customer complaints which are resulting in some much needed change starting in May. 

March's box contained two full size products and a bunch of little samples, coupons and information cards.

First is an 8.4 oz. can of Scheckter's Lite Organic Energy "Powered by Nature" drink. This sounds good as it has agave nectar, pomegranate, lemon and elderberry juice along with ginseng, guarana, green tee and green coffee bean.  Interesting!  

Next is a big tube of "Pyrenees Lavender with Cardamom" lip balm by Pangea Organics. Not sure I love this flavor combination but lip balm is lip balm.

There is a 2 oz. sample package of HalfPops "Curiously Crunchy" Aged White Cheddar popcorn. This is an interesting little snack which I've never seen before. They look a lot like corn nuts but taste like popcorn with a light cheese flavor.  Really good and something I might re-purchase! 

Then, of course, we have all the information cards and coupons:

There are two foil pack samples of eye cream and balancing oil by Pangea Organics, just barely enough to try each product one time.

There is a sample pack (2 pieces!) of "Kramp Krusher Vegetarian Electrolyte Chewz" by Natural Dynamix and ONE tension and stress relieving tea bag by Traditional Medicinals.

Lastly are two more foil pack samples by Via Nature, one Hydrating Skin Lotion in "Swiss Apple" and one Sensitive Care Skin Lotion that is fragrance free.

Let's speed on ahead to April's Conscious Box!

Once again, the box contained two or two and a half full size samples and a whole slew of tiny/small samples, coupons and information cards.

One of the coupons is for $20.00 off a purchase off a makeup "Starter Kit" from the Mineral Hygienics website.  I thought this a little odd since there is no sample from this company in the box.  

This should look familiar...another can of Scheckter's Organic Energy drink.  The only difference I can see is that this is the regular version, whereas March's can was the "Lite" version.

And yet another package of Kramp Krushers, this time containing a whopping THREE lozenges!  Then there is a small sample (thank heaven!) of "Field Greens Raw Green Food" by Vibrant Health which contains 100% organic greens and freeze dried grass juices.  I'm trying to be open-minded here but this just looks awful.

A more welcome sample is a package of "Rockin Green" dishwasher soap.  Looks like there may be enough to do two loads of dishes in this packet.

One of the full size items in April's box is a package of Egg White Chips in Barbeque flavor. These are made of corn and egg white and are "pressure puffed" rather than fried. They look o.k.

There is a little brochure that tells about Eco-Dent oral care products.  Attached to the flyer are three very small samples of wintergreen flavored dental gum, a mint flavored daily rinse and a baking soda toothpowder.  

Then we have two more foil pack samples by Via Nature (sound familiar?) is a Soothing Skin Lotion in "Lavender Eucalyptus" and the other is a Moisturizing Skin Lotion in "Vanilla Coconut".  There's barely one small application in each of these.

There are two tiny organic milk chocolate samples.  These have 41% cacao content and a hint of hazelnut flavor.  (Each of these bars is 1.5 inches in length!)  

The last item is called "Super Toddler Bar" by HappyTot.  This is a gluten free snack for a small child made with organic ingredients.  Of course, I had to try it.  The taste and texture are similar to a chocolate Rice Krispy bar but probably much better for you!  Not really sure why these are marketed to toddlers; I think a lot of older kids and adults would like them too.

So there you have a side by side comparison of the March and April Conscious boxes. There were several product duplications which is a problem I have not found in any other subscription service.  It's not that these products are bad, just that most of us subscribe to these services to try out different things and get a nice surprise every month.  The good news is that Conscious Box seems to be listening to their customers and it does sound like positive change will be coming in May!

By the way, Conscious Box has a pretty generous points system.  If you rate the products you receive, you can quickly earn enough points to get significant discounts on full size products in their on-line store.

Click here and use the code TAKEHALF to get 50% off your first box.  Or use the code FREENOW to get your first Taster box for free...just pay $4.95 shipping.

I know this was an unusually long review.  If you stuck with me this far, I really appreciate it!



Unknown said...

I just got my April box today, and it was completely different than your box.

I had a FS tea's tea matcha green tea latte, a package of 28 Bach's rescue pearls, a full size kid's fruit & veggie strings, a small bag of Puffins honey rice cereal, a FS lip balm in Italian red mandarin and rose, a single Crystal body towelette, a small sample of RawRev100 chocolate crave live food bar, Omega boost sample in mango, a sample pack of natralia dry skin lotion, a pack each of Weleda replenishing shampoo and conditioner, a Spatone liquid iron supplement, two Slice of Life multivitamins, and a pack of 2 Ecover dishwasher tablets. In addition, there were coupons for most of the products too.

I wonder why the difference in the boxes..... do you think it has something to do with the fact that I ordered mine after the 15th? Weird....

Lone Star Shopper said...

Hi Erika:

I just checked my records and see that I actually ordered my Conscious Box on March 5th, so timing could very well account for the difference in what we received.

My next one is due in about a week so I'll compare it with what you received; I'm guessing there will be some similarities.

Thanks for your comment!