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Co-Ed Supply April 2014 Not-So-Great Review + $10 off your first box!

April's Co-Ed Supply Box (for a girl) is a bit disappointing.  Most of the items this month are edible which makes it not as interesting as their March box which contained much more variety and several really interesting items.  If you missed that review, you can catch up here.  At first glance, this month's box looks like one big chip fest, although there is actually a pretty good variety of snacks in all these bags.

The biggest bag (5 oz.) is Super 4 Snacks, described as "all natural", "crunchy baked bean bites" made of "white bean, quinoa, lentil and chia", then further described as "Cheesy Nacho".  Oh yeah, these are "gluten, yeast, wheat and corn free" and stamped "Non GMO". This makes me laugh; the labeling is SO blatant. I'm surprised they didn't manage to get the words "seaweed" or "compostable" somewhere on the front of the bag! Really makes me want some Fritos. Like right now.   

Second in the snack bag overload this month is a package of Veggie Chips by "The Daily Crave".  The name might make you think these are made of various vegetables but the primary ingredients are potato flour and potato starch. These actually look pretty good, like colorful Ruffles with Ridges.

Another snack by "The Daily Crave" is "Veggie Sticks"; again, the primary ingredient is potato flour.  These two products are probably quite tasty despite how vigorously the packaging tries to promote their health benefits.  (The word "No" appears FIVE times "above the fold", so to speak....marketers, take note!)

Next up in this month's Snackfest is a package of Snapea Crisps.  These are really good which is surprising considering that they are lightly salted baked peas. This is a 100 calorie pack (just .75 oz.) so there's not a lot here.

The final package contains Mango Chipotle Zinger Almonds by Olomomo.  This is a pretty strange flavor combination with quite a "bite", but they are almonds, so it works.  And "Olomomo" is just fun to say!  (You just said it out loud, didn't you?)  

The only interesting "girly" item in this "girl's box" is a jewelry organizer in the shape of a hanger.  This is a really useful and cool concept, especially for a college girl with limited storage space or anyone living in a small space...but why couldn't they have made it PRETTY?  It is a flat dull gray.  I intend to spray paint this some attractive color then gift it.

Next is a small box of ten individually packaged cleansing towelettes by Blum Naturals. I had to read the small print on the back to see what these are for; turns out they are actually intended to be used for make-up removal.  Kind of surprising that isn't mentioned on the FRONT of the box!  These are infused with orange peel extract and have microbeads, so they are also good for exfoliating.

The box contained one fairly useless item, a door hanger that lets visitors know whether it's a good time to enter or not.  Neither side makes much sense to me.  This is also a coupon for 20% off storage with Dorm Room Movers.  That may have some value for a few student subscribers.


There are two packages of chai tea by David Rio San Francisco.  One is "Tiger Spice" and the other is "Elephant Vanilla".  They are described as "a rich and creamy mixture of black tea and exotic spices" and can be prepared hot or cold.

The last edible item is a small chocolate energy bite by "Perfect Fuel".  This is organic chocolate with ginseng intended to provide energy without caffeine and chemicals.  I can already tell you IT'S NOT BIG ENOUGH!

The last item in the box is pretty much "filler" in my opinion.  It's a copy of the April issue of "The Red Bulletin" magazine published by the makers of Red Bull.  I know I'm limited by my own demographics but I just can't relate to anything in this magazine. I don't think this is going to appeal to very many college age girls.  Sorry!

This is only my second Co-Ed Supply box so I probably should reserve judgment.  I know that these subscription companies sometimes have trouble lining up suppliers in time to meet their shipping deadlines and are forced to make due with whatever they have on hand.  I strongly suspect that's what happened this month with Co-Ed Supply. This is supposed to be a "girl's box" but I just don't see the diversity and customization that I expected.  If you are considering signing up for Co-Ed Supply, my advice is to wait and read reviews over the next couple of months.  Let's hope that April was an anomaly and that they will get back on track next month.  

If you completely disagree and are ready to hop on board, click here for $10 off your first box.

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