Sunday, April 6, 2014

Blush Mystery Beauty Box April 2014 Review + $10 Gift Card

OK, I'll admit that, like MANY other beauty subscription box subscribers, I have been completely spoiled by the vast array of products which are usually included in the Blush Mystery Beauty Boxes. The quantity and diversity of products they send has pretty much become the standard by which I judge their competitors.  So, I was a little disappointed with the April shipment which included only seven products, two of which were small foil pack samples and one of which could be described as a luxury sample size.  However, the other four items are full size which somewhat compensates for the smaller number of items this month.

The first item in April's box is a full size Jonathan Infinite Volume Shampoo for fine/thin hair...of course, the opposite of my hair's texture.  This is one real drawback of subscribing to a beauty subscription service that does not do any upfront profiling; you get things that are not right for you.  Theoretically, the "no quiz" services can operate at lower cost so you SHOULD get more for your money than for the highly curated beauty boxes.  Not sure that was the case this time. 

The luxury sample is a face product called Stimulskin Plus Divine Multi-Corrective Cream by Darphin.  This is a French product that contains sea emeralds that supposedly have anti-aging properties.  It smells nice and I'll give it a try.

The two foil pack samples are "The Liquid Airbrush Foundation 5" by Kevyn Aucoin and a "Hair Inhibiting Swipe" (huh?) in "pomegranate" by Whish.  The instructions on this one are sufficiently vague that I know not to ask questions or attempt to explain further.  (Do your own research!)

A full size Volumizing Dry Shampoo Spray by Oscar Blandi was included.  The exact same product was included in the Spring FabFitFun box, so those of you who subscribe to both probably received two of them.  Seems to me that the beauty industry has been over-hyping dry shampoo for the past year or so.  I'm sure that some find it useful, but honestly, I don't know a single person who uses it on a regular basis.  Wish the industry would move on to some other new product that more of us would actually use.  (Yes, I know I'm being a bit cranky but you should see how many dry shampoos I have!)

A particularly nice product this month is a beautiful Cult nail lacquer in the shade "Runyon". This is a grayish green shade that I haven't seen before.  Really like this!

Then they included a very odd choice....another nail polish by Vapour in the shade "Ether". Ether???  That's what you spray in the carburetor when your car won't start!  I don't know what Blush was thinking on this one; this was probably one of those products that they had a warehouse full of that they needed to get rid of quickly.  I suppose it will make the hard core Goths happy!

In my opinion, the big winner this month is the lip crayon duo by La Bella Donna.  One end is a lip liner and the other end is a lip color.  I received the "Luscious" duo, a beautiful color that works perfectly with my skin tone.  So glad to receive this!

To get the full details regarding subscription to the Blush Mystery Beauty Box, please click here to read my February review.    

If you'd like a $10 gift card from Blush, send me an e-mail at and I will submit your e-mail address to Blush. Please note that this will NOT work if your e-mail address is already signed up with either Blush, Dermstore or Hair Envy.  The gift card is good for any purchase on their site but I am not sure if it works for the Blush Mystery Beauty Bag or not.  (If anyone has experience with this, please e-mail me or comment below.)    

Thanks for reading and let me know if you would like the $10 gift card.



jasmineandcocoa said...

Thank you for the honest reviews. I am still waiting for my April beauty box. My bathroom counter is loaded with foil pack samples. They are never enough to make a decision about a product. I make a use out of them during travel or at gym. I was about to purchase Klorane dry shampoo which was given with February Mystery beauty box if I am not mistaken. Looks like I am about to receive another dry shampoo this month.

Lone Star Shopper said...

LOL....I know what you mean! I have way too many foil pack samples too. Not only are they too small but I usually end up squirting half the product somewhere other than where it's intended....such a waste!