Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Love With Food, April 2014 Review + $10 off Your First Box!!

It's always such a pleasure to see that pretty red box arrive in the mail!  I first reviewed Love With Food in February.  To find out about the company and get the subscription details, check out that review here.

Love With Food sent a nice assortment of products in their April box, ranging from popcorn to dried fruit to tea.  Their theme for this month is "Flower Power".  

The cards this time include their description card, a flyer from Simply Snack Squad announcing a contest where the prize is your image on the front of their snack bag and an Instagram contest sponsored by Love With Food.

First out of the box is a bag of Aged White Cheddar & Hatch Green Chile popcorn by Crave Canyon.  This non-GMO popcorn comes in several flavors; this one was just too hot for me.

Next is a snack size package of almonds with cranberries, honey and sea salt by Sahale Snacks plus a $1.00 coupon for any of their products.  These are great...just the kind of snack I love.  But I am not familiar with this brand so am not sure where to buy them other than their website.  (Spoke too soon...just checked Amazon and of course...there they are!)

Then there is a package of Orchard Blend Crunch Dried Fruit which contains apples, peaches and apricots. . These are fat free and the whole package only contains 70 calories!

There is a single serve package of Heart-Tee hibiscus herbal tea from the Wild Hibiscus Flower Co.  This is a berry flavored tea with a deep red color.  This came with a promotional card showing how to make this tea hot or cold, as a popsicle or to flavor sangria.  This tea supposedly has the health benefits of lowering anxiety and stress. We'll see.

Next is an organic energy bar called "Bumble Bar" in "Amazing Almond" flavor.  This chewy gluten-free snack contains almonds, sesame, flax, vanilla and cinnamon so I'm guessing it's pretty good.

A traditional Belgian street snack called a Honey Waffle by Meli is included.  This consists of two thin crispy waffles with a creamy honey filling. 

There is an organic fruit spread sample called "Fiordifruitta Strawberries & Wild Strawberries" by Rigoni di Asiago.  This is sweetened with apple juice; there is no added sugar.  Really cute packaging!  From Vintage Bee, there is a tube of Creamed Honey with Chocolate Mint.  I'm not sure how this is intended to be used but it feels like it has the consistency of honey or a spread, so perhaps it would be good on a plain cookie of some kind....can't imagine consuming this straight from the tube!

So that's everything from the April box.  If you'd like to try Love With Food, click here. Use the code YUMMY to get $10 off your first box!  Or use the code LOVEMOM2014 to save $5 on all subscription plans. (Remember, promotion codes usually expire pretty quickly so the sooner you use these, the better.)

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