Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Starlooks Starbox April 2014 - Last Review?

This may be my last review for Starbox, which is the subscription box for the Starlooks brand.  Starlooks promotes their line as being pro quality, comparing their products to M.A.C., Chanel, Dior, Makeup Forever, etc. I don't buy those brands but I am familiar enough with them to know that they run huge (expensive) marketing campaigns, their products come in extravagant packaging and they have long industry track records.  I'm not sure Starlooks can claim any of those.

"Luxury" is a subjective term that is used to position certain cosmetic brands at a price point that is easily ten times that of their more humble counterparts.  But in terms of pigmentation, ease of application, wearability, and longevity, I doubt that most of us "regular Janes" can make the quality distinctions that are used to justify stratospheric luxury brand retail prices. I'm sure that beauty professionals or cosmetics industry insiders will beg to differ, but in the end it's OUR wallets that decide.

Starlooks may very well have a great product but in terms of beauty subscription boxes, they just aren't in the same league with Ipsy, Boxycharm, Glossybox or several others. What most beauty box subscribers want is to get a beautifully packaged box or bag full of cosmetic surprises. (The operative word there is "full"!)  They want new and innovative products that they might not have otherwise purchased and a much higher retail value than was paid for the box. That combination may not be sustainable in the long run but for now, the beauty box leaders have spoiled us. Yes, I realize this sounds like a manifesto; perhaps it is!!

I'm not saying that the products I've received from Starlooks are not worth the amount paid. I think they actually are. Je ne sais pas quel est le probleme (big Gallic shrug here!) with Starbox.  It just doesn't deliver in the way we've come to expect.  

The February, March and April boxes each contained two full size products and one inexpensive filler item.  For April, I received an eye shadow palette and a lip gloss plus a package of wild flower seeds.

The information card gives the retail price of the lip gloss at $12 and the eye shadow palette at $41.  The first I can accept but $41 for a five shade palette?  Not in my world.

The gloss is a big one and is a very pretty shade called "Orgasmic", sort of a plum pink color.

The eye shadow palette has an interesting, somewhat unconventional, mix of shades. From left to right is a shimmery gold, olive, green, rust and a deep brick red.  This actually looks like a good fall palette to me.

Then there is the package of Starlooks Wildflower Mix.  What can I say about that?  I hope they grow but I'm not holding my breath!

One thing I'll say for Starlooks...there is so little in their boxes that the reviews are easy to write!  In all honesty, I hope this company does survive. They may need to re-think their strategy and either shift to luxury size samples or raise their Starbox price point a bit if they want to compete in the beauty box business.  

If you would like to subscribe to Starbox or check out their other products, click here.

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