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Nature Box April 2014 Review + $10 Off Your First Box!

Nature Box is a subscription snack company where "your snackisfaction is guaranteed"!  If you missed my review of their February box which gives all the subscription details, click here.  This company seems to be a work in progress because their website has undergone some positive changes in the last couple of months and they are rolling out new packaging as you can see on the one package with the orange bands below: 

One of the great things about Nature Box is that you have the ability to customize your boxes.  In "My Snack Pantry", you can add the snacks that you want to receive in your next box plus create a list of snacks you want in future boxes.  (works a lot like your Netflix queue!)  Of course, you can always just let them surprise you if you don't want to know exactly what you'll be getting.  Another new feature is that you can "lock in" a snack, meaning you'll get it in every shipment.  

My Nature Box subscription is for the Deluxe box, which includes five snack packages. You can always add additional packages for $3.00 each.  For April, I had purchased two additional snacks so I should have received seven packages.  As you can see from the picture above, there were six in the box.  I contacted Customer Service and was immediately given an apology and a store credit for the missing package.  Like most customers, I can deal with any mistake as long as the company is responsive and communicates well. Nature Box passed that test with flying colors.

Since this is my third Nature Box, the snacks are starting to reflect the specific choices that I have made which is why you'll see a lot of some things in my box and a complete absence of other things.  If you're new to Nature Box and/or don't make selections in your pantry, you will get a wider array of snacks.

First up are the Roasted Kettle Kernels.  These are lightly sugared corn nuts; nothing fancy, just good!

Next are the Honey Crunch Crisps, a repeat from last month because I liked them so much. These are crunchy little bites that contain sesame seeds and are lightly coated in honey.

Another repeat for me are the Citrus Kick Almonds.  These are sugared and salted almonds with a bit of orange and lime flavoring.  I thought these might be overwhelming but the citrus flavor is very mild.

Then come the Sticks 'n Stones, a tasty mix of lightly salted almonds, cashews and sesame sticks.

The Chia Seed Crackers are small wheat bites that contain sesame seeds, flax seeds and chia seeds.  These are similar in appearance to the Honey Crunch Crisps, but are not sweet.

Last, but definitely not least, is the snack whose bag is now empty....the Dark Cocoa Almonds!  These alone are worth the price of admission...absolutely the best snack I've had from any subscription food service.  I just can't say enough about these except to tell you that they are now "locked in" to my food pantry so that I will get them every month. These delectable little morsels are dark chocolate covered almonds with a slight dusting of cocoa.  Does it get any better?

So there you have it for April.  This box was heavy on the nuts because of the selections I've made.  To mix it up a bit, I've added more dried fruits to my pantry for the May box.  

If you'd like to try Nature Box, use the code share10off to get a $10 discount off your first box.  I think you will be quite "snackisfied"!

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