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Boxycharm April 2014 Review - $102.85 Retail Value for $21!!

Boxycharm is quickly becoming one of my favorite beauty subscription boxes.  They used to feature mostly drug store brands but have recently upgraded to some higher end cosmetics.  Granted, some of these names are being featured in a LOT of beauty boxes lately (Model Co and Bellapierre, you know who you are) but...the quality and value are there.  I would say that Boxycharm is now almost on a par with Glossy Box and that competition should pay off for all beauty box subscribers!

If you missed my first Boxycharm review in March, check it out here.

April's box included five full size products, as always packaged in a classy black box and nested in a bunch of black squigglies!

Of course, the very first thing that caught my eye was the purple nail polish by Bellapierre.  I must admit that I thought this color was "too much" at first.  But it's growing on me.  It's a seasonal Easter-ish shade and there's nothing else like it in my polish collection. That's part of the fun of these boxes...discovering products you would never have thought to try otherwise. (Cynics will call that "wasting money"; I think of it as adventurous shopping!)  Retail value is $15.00.

Next is a lip pencil by Model Co.  This one is in the shade "Melon" and has the unique feature of a sharpener built into the cap. This is a mauvish pink shade which should work well with any pink-based lip color.  Really like that built-in sharpener!  Retail value is $20.00.

An interesting product in this month's box is a full size bottle of Coolway's "Glow Finishing Oil".  Since I lost the information card that came with this box, I checked this one out on the manufacturer's website.  This is a non-toxic color safe Vitamin E + seaweed extract spray that helps your hair retain moisture.  Use it as the last step in your hair care regimen to give a final polish and add some shine.  Boy, does my hair need this! Retails for $29.95.

One of the cosmetics I use the most on a regular basis is blush so I always like to receive these in sub boxes. For April, Boxycharm included a full size blush by Model Co in the shade "Amaretto Sunset 03".  Because this is a pink shade with strong brown undertones (not as pink as it looks in the photo), I would use it as a bronzer.  This one retails for $18.00.

The final product this month is a beautiful "liquid lipstick" (not lip gloss) by Ofra, a brand I am not familiar with.  This is in the shade "Hollywood", which is a bright pink color.  I tried this on and was surprised to find that it dries quickly to a matte finish. The color was pretty intense so I had to blot it a bit to bring it down to a wearable color.  It has a very subtle candy smell to it....or else I am just obsessed with candy?  I would not pay the retail price of $19.90 for this product but I'm glad to have a chance to try it out.

So Boxycharm provided $102.85 worth of products this month for $21.00!  Any one of these products alone would almost justify the price of the entire box.  This is a great example of why these boxes are so get to try high end products for a fraction of their retail price. Even if you don't like a couple of the items, you're still getting value that is well above what you paid.  (For the record, I'm not being compensated by Boxycharm in any way; I just think they are providing a really good product at a tremendous price!)

Now...the question on everyone's there a discount code?  In early February, one of their reps told me that they had not issued any promotional codes but would be making an announcement when they did. So far I have not seen any discounts. Apparently, Boxycharm feels that they are providing enough value in their boxes that they don't have to further incentivize buyers.  After seeing the contents of the last few boxes, it's pretty hard to argue with that reasoning!

There has been some repetition of brands in recent Boxycharm shipments but they say that all new brands are coming in be on the alert!  

If you'd like to try Boxycharm, click here. Judging from what I've seen in recent boxes, I don't think you'll be disappointed!

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