Saturday, January 31, 2015

Foot Cardigan (Sock Subscription) Review, January 2015

Have you been wanting to buy a pair of wild socks from a grown man wearing a Girl Scout uniform?  So have I.  You need to visit Foot Cardigan!  Their site is wacky and irreverent and definitely the place to go to up your sock game.

These sock-preneurs offer subscription plans for men, women and kids.  They have a number of subscription and payment plans but the bottom line is they send one pair of socks per month for which you pay $11.  That's $9 for the socks and $2 for shipping.  The only discount I see is that if you sign up for a full year, you get one month for free.  For an extra $2 per month, they will "horribly wrap your gift"....their words, not mine.  (No thanks, I am quite capable of wrapping it horribly all by myself!)

Do you get to choose the socks you'll receive?  Of course not.  That would take all the fun out of it.  All they'll promise is that you'll get "weird, crazy and unexpected" socks.  Since I'm in a "weird, crazy and unexpected" phase myself, I signed up immediately.

For the most part, Foot Cardigan just has one size sock for men and one size for women. (Kids' socks come in three different sizes.)  Men's socks fit up to a shoe size 12 and the women's socks fit shoe sizes 5-10.  If you do get a pair of socks that don't fit, you can send them back for a replacement.  As for design, all they'll say is that many of their patterns are gender specific.  If they have a design that works for both men and women, then everybody gets that pair.

Foot Cardigan is good about shipping quickly for new orders.  My first pair of socks came six days after I placed the order.  They try to ship subsequent orders on the same day of the month that you first signed up. 

My January socks arrived packaged in a clear plastic wrapper inside a poly vinyl mailer. They are charcoal gray with big polka dots in lavender, chartreuse and light blue.  The top hem, heels and toes are solid lavender.  They are private labeled with the Foot Cardigan brand. For some reason, a foot sticker (or is it a tattoo) was included. These socks are weird and colorful with plenty of personality but not so much that they veer off into "awful" territory.  

I like these socks and the way they add character to my sock drawer.  They are soft and stretchy and made of 75% combed cotton, 20% polyester and 5% spandex.  I'm pretty sure I couldn't just walk into Macy's or Target and find a pair of socks like these.  If future shipments are equally wacky, I'll be a happy camper.     

By the way, Foot Cardigan has an interesting side operation.  They occasionally offer "small batch design" socks for individual purchase. These are available in limited quantities and won't be included in the regular shipments. Judging from the ones I've seen, these are WAY out there fashion-wise and are NOT for the faint of feet. The ones they are featuring right now are bright aqua knee socks with a pattern of penguins all over them. These are called "Oswald Cobblepot" (don't ask me, it's a comic book thing).  These come in men's and women's sizes and for just $13 a pair, you too can own them! (I'd really like to see the guy that can pull these off.)  Click here if you're curious.

So if your feet could use some fun, check out Foot Cardigan!  While we're at it, isn't that one of the best subscription company names ever?

Your new sock enthusiast,


P.S.  I don't normally suggest reading about the individuals behind a subscription service but the write-ups about the people who run Foot Cardigan are quite amusing and worth a quick look!  Click here if you're interested.

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Linda Shields said...

Oh my. Well, I just wear jeans and a sweater, but I could open my own sock store with all the socks I've collected over the years. Mmmnnn, I wonder how used socks sell on Ebay?

Lone Star Shopper said...

Oh, I know. All these sock subscriptions have got me thinking the same thing!

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