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My Bakers Box Baking Supplies Review, January 2015

It's rare to run across a subscription box that doesn't have any competition but I think that might be the case with My Bakers Box.  At least, I am not aware of any other subscriptions in this category.  SporkPack comes the closest but since they send mostly kitchen gadgets and treats, a direct comparison can't be made. 

My Bakers Box sends fun and unique baking supplies each month that usually follow a seasonal or holiday theme.  A box might contain recipes, cupcake supplies, cookie cutters, edible sugar decor, sprinkles, idea cards and other surprise baking items.  My Bakers Box offers four subscription plans and four gift box plans. The pricing is the same whether you are subscribing or gifting.

One month - $25
Three months - $22 per month
Six months - $19 per month
Twelve months - $19 per month plus one free box

Boxes are shipped during the first week of each month.  There is no additional charge for shipping.  Plans automatically renew and you can cancel at any time.     

Since I signed up in January, I got the benefit of Valentine's Day inspiration.  The goods arrived in a narrow white box that weighs a little less than a pound.

The contents were wrapped in pink tissue and sealed with a MBB sticker with a couple of cards on top.

One card introduces January's theme "all about the heart" and lists the enclosed items on the other side.  The second card gives an idea suggestion on one side and a recipe for Red Velvet Cake Pops on the other side.

Here is everything that was inside the box:

I've never really gotten into cake pops. Maybe it's just that the ones I've tried were not very good.  The recipe on the card did catch my attention.  However, I am confused because the recipe does not call for cake pop molds and there are no instructions on how to use the one included. And....there's just ONE!  Wouldn't you need a bunch of them?  (The one provided is about 2 inches tall.)  Maybe I'm missing something essential here but I just don't get it. The little blue cake pop mold is cute but with only one, this idea seems completely impractical to me.  Somebody please enlighten me if I'm missing the obvious.

There is a good quality chocolate or candy mold with eight heart shapes, each about 2 inches wide.  A recipe on their blog for "Valentine Candy Bark" would make good use of this mold and some of the other supplies from this month's box.  If you're interested, here's a link.

Next is a fun heart sprinkle mix which has pink and white sprinkles plus tiny red hearts.

Of course, we need a nice bottle of red food coloring in a shade called "Super Red".  This one is the gel paste type, rather than a liquid.

I have never seen pink food coloring before so was really glad to get this one which is called "Dusty Rose".  It'll be nice to try a real pink and not just a watered down red.

There is a metal heart in heart cookie cutter. (I'm sort of a cookie cutter elitist so was very glad they didn't just toss in one made of cheap plastic.)  On their blog (mentioned above), there is a recipe for "No Fail Valentine Sugar Cookies" which I intend to make.   

Next is this package of white straws decorated with pink hearts. Designer straws have been pretty popular in sub boxes lately and these are quite festive.  (As you can see, I am not a good enough photographer to deal adequately with reflective objects!)

The last item is a small package of owl shaped sugar "Dec Ons" with tiny hearts on them. These each measure about 1-1/8" and are adorable!  Since there are only 8, I'll probably try to find a way to use them on top of a cake rather than on cupcakes.

I'm pretty happy with my first box from this company.  The only thing that's a disappointment is the single cake pop mold and my confusion over what to do with it.  All the other items are festive and useful and will add some good holiday inspiration to my baking cabinet.

To give My Bakers Box a try, click here.  They don't seem to be generous with discount codes or promotions so if this concept interests you, it may be worth your while to pick up one of the longer term subscriptions that do offer significant monthly savings. This is definitely not a high value box but if you love to bake, you'll enjoy it and get a nice boost of seasonal inspiration each month!

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MyBakersBox said...

We are sorry you are confused with the Cupcake mold. But below I have included pictures and a recipe to show you how you use the mold.

You Will Need:

1 package of Oreo Cookies-1lb 1.9 oz

8 oz Cream Cheese

Paper Straws


In a food processor, grind 1 package of Oreo cookies until fine crumbs. Mix 8 oz of cream cheese with your Oreo cookie crumbs. Use your hands to mix the cream cheese and the Oreo cookie crumbs together.

Roll dough into 1″ balls and let chill for 15 minutes.

Once chilled use your cupcake pop mold and place the ball of dough into the mold.

Squeeze the mold and wipe any excess dough from the sides.
Open and remove molded cupcake. Let molded dough chill for another 15 minutes.

**Pictures from