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Eco Emi Earth Friendly Products, Variety Box Review, January 2015!

In the eco-friendly subscription box category, Eco Emi has probably been around the longest. They send a small box each month filled with eco-friendly, vegetarian, all-natural, animal conscious and free trade products.  Opening an Eco Emi box usually feels like getting a birthday present since many of the items are meticulously packaged in tiny bags or individually wrapped in tissue paper. Most of the items are sample or luxury sample sizes but they sometimes manage to fit in full size items. There is always a lot crammed into that little box!

In addition to their regular "Variety Box" full of assorted green products, Eco Emi has recently introduced a "Beauty Box".  The Variety Box contains 7 or 8 products and the Beauty Box contains 4 or 5 deluxe and full size products.  Available pricing plans for the Variety Box are:

Monthly - $15
Three Months - $14 per month
Six Months - $13 per month
Twelve Months - $12 per month

The Beauty Box is $22 per month

If you just want to try Eco Emi one time, they also have Custom Variety Boxes in two sizes. You can choose 4 products for $10 or 20 products for $35.  A  Custom Beauty Box containing six full size products is $60.  For the Custom boxes, you can choose exactly which products you want included.

January's box was packed with interesting products many of which were individually wrapped.  The items were all packaged in tissue fastened with an Eco Emi seal.

This "exploded" photo shows some of the items in their individual packaging.

Right on top was the January welcome and information card which contains lots of detail and retail prices on the back.  This box actually has four full size products and four sample sizes.

First is a box of all natural herbal supplements for promoting a healthy immune system. These are called Allergease and the box contains 21 lozenges.  I don't think I've ever encountered an allergy remedy in lozenge form.  These do not have the usual allergy medication side effects of drowsiness so if they work to stop a runny nose and sneezing, I'm in!

Next is this small green pot of O'Keeffe's Working Hands which is a cream for severely dry hands and skin.  Although we are having quite a warm winter (so far) here in Texas, the dry air is still wreaking havoc on my skin so I am constantly looking for highly emollient creams. 

I am not a gum chewer but they've included a package of Pur Cinnamon Gum which is aspartame-free, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, nut-free, celiac & diabetic friendly.  But will it rotate the tires on my car?

Soap Nuts (or soap berries) have been a "thing" for quite a while now.  I've received them in other sub boxes and am on the fence.  You just toss a couple in with your wash and theoretically they clean, soften and remove odors from your laundry.  I have found them to not be strong enough on their own so I toss one or two in with regular detergent.  Totally defeats the "all natural" purpose, I know....but I want clean laundry!

This is a full size container of Oil Absorbing Facial Tissues from Blum Naturals.  They soak up excess oil and remove shine from your face without disturbing makeup.  This small packet contains 50 sheets and is easy to slip in your purse.

The next product arrived in a tiny organza bag with a wooden spatula.  This is an unscented deodorant cream from pHresh.  This contains aloe vera and does not leave a residue.  But application with a tiny wooden spatula?  I think not.

I was surprised and pleased to get a beauty product in this box.  This little pot contains a cream concealer from Gourmet Body Treats.  This is in a neutral tone that will probably blend in to match any skin tone.  This retails for $24.99 and although it's a small amount, I expect that it will last a long time as most concealers do.

Anything labeled "Chocolate Chip Brownie" is welcome in my house!  This nutrition bar from Kawaii is made of cold-processed, raw superfoods to help in achieving optimal health and well-being.  That description sorta dampens my taste expectations but we'll see.

Two vendor information cards further explain the benefits of the O'Keeffe's Working Hands cream and the soap berries which are from Yoreganics.  This card says to put 5 soap berries in the included muslin bag, then toss into the washing machine.  So, maybe I have not been using enough?  They can be re-used 5 to 10 times, which is also news to me.  Yoreganics has provided a discount code for purchases on their site.  If you're interested, use code YORESPECIAL to get $5 off a purchase of $30 or more.

My favorite product in this box is definitely the cream concealer.  I'm always trying new ones in the hope of finding perfect blendability, coverage and skin tone match.  I'm intrigued enough with the new information regarding the soap berries to give them another shot. And Chocolate Chip Brownie?  Do I really need to say anything more about that?

I rarely see promotion codes for Eco Emi but if you're interested in exploring green living products and want to give them a try, I recommend starting off with the three month Variety Box subscription at $14 a month.  That's long enough to give them a good trial run and you'll definitely get your money's worth.

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