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Square Hue Nail Polish Subscription Box Review, January 2015 + FREE Surprise Box Code!

One of the more creative nail polish marketing concepts I've seen lately comes from Square Hue, which is a subscription service that sends three custom polishes each month.  For 2015, they are bringing us "The Decades Collection". Starting with 1900, each month's box will feature colors reminiscent of that decade. Fun and interesting idea, huh? 

What was going on in the U.S. between 1900 and 1910?  Well, the rise of haute couture for one thing.  That meant cascading lace, corsets, skirts with trains, feathered hats and upswept hair for women and tight collars, boater hats and narrow shoes for men.  And let's not forget that two aviator brothers were about to change history. Do those images evoke specific colors for you?  They do for Square Hue!

January's Square Hue box includes three brand new 1900's inspired shades. Since their logo takes up the entire front of the bottle, you can't really see the shades when you first open the box.   

I've turned the bottles around backwards so you can get an idea of the stunning colors in this month's box.  As you can see, I failed to turn the purple one all the way around.

The small enclosed card identifies the decade being honored, the name of each polish and the year that inspired the shade.  There is a place to swatch each shade if you want to keep a color file for your nail polish collection.  That might not be a bad idea considering that annual subscribers have another 33 polishes coming in this collection!

Since my nails are in no way camera ready, I've done crude swatches of the colors to give you an idea of how beautiful they really are.

From left to right, we have three high gloss cremes this month:

Gibson Girl (c. 1900) - a muted soft pink with just a hint of gray to it

First Flight (c. 1903) - a lovely dove gray

Victorian End ((c. 1909) - a medium grape shade

I love this trio!  Over the past few months, Square Hue has sent quite a few "out there" shades but all three of these are completely wearable.  They are beautiful and versatile; I'm guessing they will work for most women.

Oh yeah, boxes cost $14.99 plus $5.00 for shipping. If you want to get in early on this collection, use code surprise52 to get a free box along with your first box.  I believe the free box will be one of the recent previous boxes.

In my opinion, Square Hue is off to a great start with "The Decades Collection". They did a great job of capturing the color essence of the first decade of the 20th century. Can't wait to see their shade interpretation of the second decade!

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