Friday, January 16, 2015

Something Snacks Subscription Review, January 2015 + $5 Discount Code!

One of the newest snack subscription services is Something Snacks which promises to send "something familiar" and "something adventurous".  Each box contains seven hand-picked snacks.  This service is not customizable and the site gives no clue as to what you might expect, so an open mind is essential for this box! 

The cost of Something Snacks is $13 on a month to month basis.  You can get a small discount by signing up for a nine month or year plan at $12 per month. (All prices reflect a $3 per month shipping charge.) There is also an option to send a three month gift for a one time payment of $39 or six months for $72.

So, let's dive in to my first Something Snacks box!  It arrived in a medium sized branded white cardboard box sealed with a logo sticker.

Inside are seven good sized snacks, only one of which I've tried before.  There is also a printed information flyer, something which is lacking in most snack subscription boxes.

The color brochure pictures each snack inside the box.  One snack is featured each month and for January, that's the Lentil Chips.  These have 40% less fat than potato chips. 

And here are the Sea Salt Lentil Chips from Simply 7.  I thought these would have a strong bean flavor but they really don't.  They taste like a very mild potato chip with a thicker and drier crunchy texture.  Quite good!

I have to describe the next snack from memory as it is gone, gone, GONE!  It was the Custard Soft Cup Cake from Orion.  This seemed like an Asian version of a Twinkie. It was a round vanilla cake with a custard cream filling.  I hope they send this one again!

Next is a box of Pepero from Lotte.  I haven't tried these yet but they look like thin cookie sticks coated in chocolate and crushed almonds.  Lotte is the company that makes the adorable little stuffed Koala print cookies so I'm guessing the cookie component here will be similar.  I believe these come from South Korea.

There is a big package of Corn Sticks from Churritos Mexicanos.  These are quite plain tasting but surprisingly addictive.  A package of hot sauce is included but there is not nearly enough for those who want to add more flavor to the entire package.  I don't need the hot sauce though; I like these just as they are.  There is enough product here for at least three snack sessions.

Next is a package of Andy Capp's (remember him?) Cheddar Fries corn and potato snacks. I like anything crunchy and cheesy and there are only 110 calories in this entire package.

The next item is the only one that I've tried before; the Choco Pie from Lotte.  This is another Korean snack that is similar to a Moon Pie, just a bit smaller.  Very tasty!

The last product is a small package of Pasencia or Vanilla Drop Cookies from La Pacita.  This one is from the Philippines and resembles small vanilla wafers.  

That's everything in the January box.  I thought it included a pretty good mix of sweet, crunchy and salty flavors as well as some interesting foreign snacks that I haven't seen before.  

If you would like to try Something Snacks, they have provided a custom discount code that will get $5.00 off the first box for new subscribers.  Use code LONESTAR15 at checkout. This code will expire on January 24th so if you're interested, take advantage of it soon.  Also, you can use code TRY3GIFT for $3.00 off a gift subscription.

Something Snacks boxes are shipped between the 7th and 15th of the month.  I believe the January boxes are sold out so the first box for new subscribers will be the February box.  If you're an unrepentant snacker like me, I think you'll enjoy this subscription!

Snack on!


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