Sunday, January 18, 2015

Pet Gift Box Review, January 2015 + $5 Discount on First Box!

The resident canine (that would be Tucker) informs me that we are overdue on reviewing the January Pet Gift Box.  This is quickly becoming a favorite monthly box around here because it contains so many fun toys and healthy, delicious treats for a most reasonable price.  It is really a joy for me to see how Tucker responds when he gets his Pet Gift's his Christmas morning once every month!

This is not a subscription service with a lot of complicated plan options.  It's just $17.99 a month whether you are getting a box for a dog (Petite, Mid-Sized or Hefty) or a cat.  Plans auto renew and you can cancel at any time.  If you want to just gift one box, the cost is $24.99.

I really appreciate the personal touch that is evident inside each Pet Gift Box.  It's like they understand just how special my Tucker is!

January's big box is stuffed with three toys, one big package of snacks and one single serve treat.

First out is a stuffed bone shaped chew toy with a colorful camo print on one side. This is 10 inches long and made of a tough durable material that will challenge even the most energetic chewers. 

Next is the MVP Sport Ball.  This is a rubber chew toy but it's not your average lightweight ball. It is quite tough and durable and has a bell inside.  Tucker loves to chase and retrieve balls and I think this will be his favorite toy in the box.  As tough as it is, I know he's quite capable of ripping it apart so we will play with this one together.

There is a big package of Barksters Sweet Potato & Beef Krisps Recipe treats from Loving Pets.  These are bite size treats that would be great training aids, although "training" is not a relevant term when it comes to Tucker.  We've been together a long time now and he does whatever he is "training" required.  These are tasty and crunchy and he's begging me for another one right this minute.

The third toy is a heavy duty nylon beaver with a plush tail called a "Ballistic Tail Buddy" featuring an "Ever Squeak" squeaker.  That means it squeaks even if the toy is crushed or punctured.  The squeaker is in the tail.  Several layers of nylon form the body of this toy; it is so tough that I can't imagine any dog being able to chew it apart quickly....not even those with massive jaws.  (My camera really washed this photo out; the toy is a bright orange color.)

Last is a Beastie Bar which is an all-natural protein (chicken) based treat formulated for easy digestion and maximum flavor.  It contains peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, apples, banana and honey.  I'm going to save this as an extra special treat for Tucker and I know he'll love it.

I forgot to mention earlier that Pet Gift Box always includes a card which tells about the box contents and gives their values.  The total retail value of this box is $41.25 which is quite impressive given the $17.99 cost.  I'm not aware of any other pet subscription box that even comes close to sending this much value for price paid.  If you've shopped for pet toys or treats lately, you know that $17.99 doesn't buy much. That is a great reason to try Pet Gift Box...not to mention all the extra love and kisses you'll get from your furry family member!

If you're interested in trying Pet Gift Box, click here to get $5.00 off your first monthly subscription box.  I'm sure your pup or kitty deserves it!

Somebody is furiously wagging for more Barksters, so gotta run!


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