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Kiwibop Postcard Pals New VIP Membership Kit Review + 10% Discount Code & Give Away!

I rarely review children's subscription services for two reasons.  Number one is that I don't have little kids around to serve as technical advisors and number two there are SO many subscriptions for children that one could easily devote an entire blog just to that category.  (I just did a quick count and there are at least 62 subscription services geared to babies, children and teens.  That's enough to keep any niche blogger busy!)  However, any sub box company that wants to send me a box (or in this case, an envelope) will certainly get the courtesy of an impartial review.

Before bills came into my life, I remember the "magic" of getting one's very own mail. That's the premise behind Kiwibop Postcard Pals.  A Kiwibop subscription ensures that your child will receive a fun piece of mail each month.  When you sign up, your child will get a New VIP Membership Kit which is what I received for review. After that, I believe they send four colorful postcards a month featuring fun characters called "Postcard Pals".

A nice side benefit of your subscription is that Kiwibop uses a portion of their proceeds to send complimentary memberships to children who are coping with life threatening illnesses or injury.

Kiwibop is a very inexpensive service.  They have three pricing plans with discounts for longer term subscriptions.  Shipping is free.

Monthly - $3.99
Bi-Annual - $3.79 per month
Annual - $3.59 per month

Every new subscriber gets a welcome kit which arrives in this brown envelope.

Inside is a folder which introduces pictures of the Postcard Pals and contains a welcome message.

Inside the folder are four colorful postcards, each featuring an interesting topic or animal. One of the Postcard Pals is featured on the front of each card above a brief paragraph telling about the subject.

On the back of each card is more detailed information presented in a fun way designed to engage children.  The four cards I received featured the jaguar (one of my favorite wild animals), the grasshopper, the "troll bridge" in Seattle and geodes.  And yes, I did learn a few things I didn't know!  The back of each card is signed with your Postcard Pal host's signature.

The introductory envelope included a couple of cute paper props for kids to cut out and use for crazy selfies.

There is also a sheet of stickers featuring some of the Postcard Pals.

Kiwibop would be a fun and educational subscription for young children.  I couldn't find a recommended age range on their site but judging from the intro package, I'd guess ages 3 to 7 would be about right.

If you're interested in trying Kiwibop for your child, use code HOLIDAY14 for a 10% discount on all membership plans.  

Isn't Kiwibop just FUN to say?  Admit've said it out loud already no matter how old you are!

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P.S.  Since I don't have a little one, I would like to give this Kiwibop kit to one of my readers. All you have to do is be subscribed to this blog, have a young child and be the first to ask!

Kiwibop Postcard Pals delivers awesome postcards to your child every month!

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