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Orange Glad Sweet Box Gourmet Desserts Review, January 2015 + Discount Codes!!

Probably the most decadent subscription dessert box out there is Orange Glad.  For their monthly Sweet Box, they scour the country and look for the latest dessert trends, then package them beautifully and send them to your house.  I took a break from this one for a little while but wow....I'm SO glad I'm back! January's mouth-watering box is one of their best yet. 

First things first. Orange Glad offers three Sweet Box subscription plans.  All of these prices include shipping and you can cancel at any time.  Prices shown are per month.

Monthly -  $21.95
Three Months - $20.95
Six Months - $19.95

An even better deal is their "Double Treats" plans.  (To keep the peace, those of you with more than two people to please are going to need one of these plans.)

Monthly - $33.95
Three Months - $32.95
Six Months - $31.95

Although I've always loved Orange Glad, one of the "silent" concerns I had in the past was the amount of packaging they used.  The proportion of packaging to product was more than in any other subscription box I received.  It seemed quite wasteful.  Well, things have changed.  The January box is trimmed down considerably.  I was afraid this would mean less desserts but that is not the case. There seems to be the same amount of product in this box as in previous boxes. The new Orange Glad box arrived in a USPS Priority mail padded envelope.

Inside was the new slimmer branded cardboard box.

As soon as I opened the lid, the most heavenly chocolatey smell wafted out!

The information card has not changed.  One side of the card gives the ingredient list for each item and the other side shows each dessert, tells a bit about it and provides an "eat by" date.

My nose led me straight to this container which was clearly responsible for that amazing chocolate smell!

Have you ever seen a brownie packaged in a round plastic container with a lid? Neither have I!  This held a cellophane-wrapped Auburn Original Brunette Brownie from Sugardaddy's.  Well, that poor brownie didn't stand a chance. The smell was so irresistible that it was gone thirty minutes after the box was opened.  Basically, it was a big chocolate brownie with a walnut on top...tasted just like what you'd make at home.

This interior box is a scaled down version of the old inner white box.  (The brownie was outside this box.)

Not to worry though!  There are the same amount of treats as before.  

The second treat immediately consumed was this Chocolate Dipped Madeleine by Donsuemor.  This French confection is a sponge cake type cookie dipped in dark chocolate.  Traditional Madeleines are somewhat bland but this made a nice quick treat, aided considerably by the chocolate.

There is a package of four gourmet Vanilla Biscotti from Vagabond Biscotti.  These are made with white chocolate and toasted hazelnuts.  I intend to dunk them in my morning cappuccino.

The dessert I am most interested in trying is this Macbubl from Sucre, an artisan confection studio.  The information card describes it this way "A French-style, almond macaron cookie, Macbubl is surrounded by a smooth chocolate ganache and enrobed in a crispy dark chocolate layer."  The name sounds really silly but you KNOW it's gonna be good when "macaron", "ganache" and "enrobed" are used in the same sentence! I am saving this one for last.

Finally, there is a 2.5 oz. package of Orange Blossom Brittle from Mighty Brittle.  This is really interesting; it's like English Toffee without the dark chocolate layer.  The brittle has an intense flavor with just a bit of orange giving it an unexpected citrusy flavor. It is made with sweet maple syrup and is very chewy.  I never thought I'd like brittle without chocolate but this is really good!

Well, there is just nothing to criticize in this box.  All five desserts this month are of exceptional quality and the curation is, as always, exquisite.  I'm actually thinking it may be time to upgrade my subscription!

If you would like to try Orange Glad (and why wouldn't you?), use code CHERYLOG3226 for a $5 discount on a new subscription.  Orange Glad also has a wonderful a la carte marketplace where you can use code SHOPSWEET for a 15% discount.  Get free shipping with all orders.

One thing I NEVER have to worry about with Orange Glad is products sitting around the house for too long.  Indulge your sweet tooth and give them a try!

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