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BarkBox Dog Subscription Review, January 2015 + 10% Discount & $10 Discount Code for BarkShop!

Looks like it's gonna be canine week around here!  The pet boxes are really stacking up. Since the primary beneficiary of these boxes weighs 24 lbs. and can only absorb so much, I think we may have to slow these down for a bit. Lack of customization has been a problem with some of the dog subscriptions. Sometimes we end up with treats or toys most appropriate for a dog three times Tucker's size.  In case any pet subscription company moguls are reading this, it would be helpful if we could veto certain types of items. For instance, Tucker does not play with soft toys, yet we get them in every box.  He likes anything he can chase or eat but plush squeaky toys are wasted on him.  I'm guessing this is a problem for a lot of other subscribers as well.  Since there is so much competition in the pet subscription box market, I'm betting that the best chance of survival will go to the one that addresses this problem.

Back to business.  BarkBox does let you customize your box according to your dog's size. The available size ranges are:

Tiny (< 10 lbs.)
Small & Cute (10 to 20 lbs.)
Just Right (20 to 50 lbs.)
Big & Bold (50+ lbs.)

Since Tucker is on the low end of the "Just Right" category, we sometimes get toys and treats that are a bit too much for him.  But he's a trooper and does his best to manage his abundance of riches!

There are significant discounts for longer term subscriptions:

One Month - $29
Three Months - $24 per month
Six Months - $21 per month
Twelve Months - $19 per month

You can also upgrade each box with an extra toy, treat or both.  The cost to add an extra toy is $9, an extra treat is $7 and one more of each is $15.

Shipping is free for all plans.  Plans automatically renew and you can cancel at any time.

January's BarkBox looked a bit disheveled when I opened it.  Fortunately, all the products inside were o.k.

This box contained two big bags of treats, two toys and one chew stick.

Here's my Quality Control Inspector performing the initial due diligence with his usual professionalism.

The information card tells about each item and gives its retail price and reorder code.

This abominable snowman plush toy is one of the cutest dog toys I've ever seen!  It's called "The Adorable Snowman" by Barkmade but to me, it's clearly abominable. It's very soft and furry and has a squeaker inside.  The squeaker in this one doesn't sound like your normal squeaker; it's more of a "grunt" sound which is pretty funny given the character!  

Next is a bag of Off Leash Stix made of all natural turkey and pumpkin.  This is a grain free chew meant to freshen breath and keep teeth clean.  Tucker will LOVE these!

The second toy is a tough rubber chew and throw toy called a Squeaky Icicle from Dex & Penny.  This kind of rubber doesn't really appeal to Tucker but at 7" long, it's perfect for throwing.  Tucker is happy to chase anything that's thrown for him.  The icicle has a squeaker in one end but it's really tough to operate.  For Tucker and me, this will be primarily a toss and retrieve toy.

This deer chew from Etta Says has already vanished.  We discovered these through BarkBox and they have become Tucker's favorite treat.

In case you doubt me, here's the evidence that I DID give it to him!  He doesn't treat such a delectable prize lightly.  He toted it all over the house looking for a hiding spot with that hilarious furtive look in his eyes that meant he didn't want anyone following or watching him. (kinda like me with a Twinkie)  I politely averted my eyes; now I have no idea where he hid that stick.

The last item is this bag of Wild Alaskan Salmon Jerky Treats from Puppy Love.  These are soft, meaty and chewy and Tucker's obsessive pursuit of canned cat food has taught him to cherish all things fishy.

So I have one happy pup now.  He is ecstatic over the deer chew and begging me for samples of the other two treats.  Since he got into the Beggin' Strips earlier today, we'll wait until tomorrow for him to sample these two.

I forgot to mention above that the theme for this box is "Ice Age" and I think BarkBox did an excellent job of delivering on that fun and seasonal idea!

If you're interested in trying BarkBox, click here for a 10% discount on any subscription.  You can also use code WelcomeToBarkShop for $10 off your first order at BarkShop where all sorts of cute toys and delicious treats can be purchased individually.

Just wait till you see the sparkling eyes and wagging tail when a BarkBox or BarkShop order appears on your doorstep!

Thanks for reading,

Cheryl and Tucker

Disclosure:  Views and opinions expressed in this blog are strictly my own.  Product discussed in this post was purchased with my own money. Post may contain referral or affiliate links.

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