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Pipsticks Sticker Subscription Review, January 2015

Ask anybody who has ever received an envelope from me about my sticker obsession! Even my utility bills get plastered with stickers.  It's a sickness, I can't help it....don't judge. Now along comes Pipsticks to enable my addiction. Perhaps I am not their target audience but this is a fun subscription and one that lots of kids (and some adults) will love.

Pipsticks sends 15 sheets of stickers each month plus a few sheets of colorful paper and a blank postcard to get you sticking.  The variety they send is astonishing in terms of subject, color, size and even texture.  These are not your common dollar store stickers.  They are chosen because they look amazing or unusual (puffy, glow in the dark, glittery, sniffable, etc.) These stickers come from all over the world. Who knew that sticker culture and technology cross many cultures?

For the regular Sticker Club (15 sheets of stickers), there are three subscription plans:

One Month - $15 paid monthly
Six Months - $80 paid upfront ($13.33 per mo.)
Twelve Months - $155 paid upfront (12.92 per mo.)

If you have several children, you might want to consider the Family Club option.  This one contains three times as many stickers (45 sheets and plenty of extras) per month.

One Month - $35 paid monthly
Six Months - $190 paid upfront ($31.67 per mo.)
Twelve Months - $365 paid upfront (30.42 per mo.)

A third (and really attractive) option is their Taster Pack, which is a one time purchase for $15 that contains everything you would receive in a regular Sticker Club monthly envelope.

Pipsticks also offers 3, 6 and 12 month gift subscriptions for both the Sticker Club and Family Club plans.

Not knowing what to expect, I decided to try the Taster Pack.  It arrived nine days after ordering in this cool see-through envelope with REAL postage stamps on it.

A welcome flyer provides a definition for a "slap wheelie" (you'll see why later) and a nudge to get the kids to use the enclosed postcard.

And here's the sticker riot contained in this envelope!  (I'm trying to imagine what the Family Club pack with 45 sticker sheets looks like.)

The first sheet of stickers to catch my eye were the coins...they look like the real thing! Another sheet features cute little aliens and space ships.

Here are some very colorful ice cream treats (even a banana split), jelly beans, lollipops and other candy.

Lots of intense color in these dots and triangles which are great for adult use in planners, by the way.  (Yeah, that's a "thing" right now.)

For the boys, there are monster trucks and all forms of transportation.  In case you're wondering, a "slap wheelie" is when a monster truck jumps over an obstacle, the front wheels bounce off the ground and the driver stomps on the gas to pull the truck into a wheelie.  

There are some really cute monsters, sunflowers and frogs.  I know these would appeal to the littlest kids.  (and me)

This photo really doesn't do justice to how cute these little puff stickers really are. One strip has tiny men in military uniforms and the other has a whole bunch of tiny puffed animal faces.  Adorable!

There are two round Pipsticks panda stickers and three more round character stickers.  Not sure what they are but they'll probably end up on the back of an envelope flap.

The last group is SO fun....brightly colored fish and tropical birds, sparkly green sea turtles and sheep.  Again, the photo just doesn't do justice to how cute, bright and colorful these are!

And here are the colored sheets of paper and postcard (with a stamp even!) to inspire kids to send their aunt a real note...<but I digress>....and commence to stickering!

This is such a fun subscription and I think it would make a great gift for just about any kid or teenager, not to mention a few slightly obsessed adults.  If you need further inspiration for sticker crafting, there are all sorts of fun ideas on their site, including "printables" which are scenes you can print out for the kids to use as backdrops for stickers. (Also, try putting "stickers" in the search box on Pinterest some time...the results are really interesting.)

Pipsticks are shipped on the first of every month, so if you sign up in February, your first pack will arrive in early March.  If you're on the fence about this, I strongly recommend the no-obligation Taster Pack so you can check out their service.

I am overcome with sticker-mania so friends, family and pets should beware!


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