Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Wantable Accessories Box Review, June 2014 + 10% Cash Back!

You might wonder why I'm writing a review on a box whose entire contents I am returning. Good question! I believe companies who offer 100% hassle free returns and stellar customer service deserve recognition. As any reasonable customer knows, the surprise factor with most subscription boxes means you will sometimes get items you don't like or don't want.  That's just part of the deal when you sign up.  What distinguishes a GREAT subscription company is the way they handle customer service, including returns.

Wantable has one of the easiest and most hassle-free return processes I've run across in my many years of on-line shopping. You can process a return directly from your "Order History" page. Since the box contents are offered at great discounts due to product bundling, partial returns may or may not be approved depending on the value of the items you keep. You can read the details there but in general, it is just easier and makes more economic sense to return the entire box.  If you choose to do that, they make the return process very easy. Just answer a quick question about why you're returning each item, then they send you an e-mail that contains a return authorization and a  pre-paid shipping label.  No having to call and wait for a customer service person, no high pressure sales pitches and no arguing about return postage.  It took me less than five minutes to complete the entire process.                  


Although these items are going back, I'll go ahead and show you what I received in my June Wantable Accessories box.  As before, they did a good job of capturing my aesthetic preferences as expressed in the personal style quiz but there were some quality issues.

The highest value item is a wrap watch called the "Ainslie Watch" which retails for $29.  I like the white with the gold hardware but I just don't care for wrap watches in general. They've been quite trendy for a year or so now but in my experience, they are a pain to put on and I just don't like all the extra wrapping around my wrist. Aside from that, the watch part just has a very cheap feel to it so this is going back.

The second item is the "London Bracelet", which is a gold toned stretch bracelet made of gold beads with a rhinestone studded circle accent on one side.  This one retails for $22.00.  I don't like or trust stretch bracelets since you never know when they are going to snap and spew beads all over the place. This one is certainly versatile and has a classic look to it but this particular design just doesn't speak to me at all.

The third item is the one I liked the best but again, the quality just isn't there.  This is the "Kim Necklace" which retails for $18.00.  If I didn't have so many costume jewelry necklaces, I might have kept this one.  It is a classic go-with-anything style but when I tried it on, I realized right away that it was going to be a constant battle to keep the white discs facing forward.  They are extremely lightweight and were flipping around constantly in the short time I had the necklace on.  Just don't need that aggravation!

Since I've now received one great accessories box from Wantable and one not-so-great, I'm thinking of changing my option for July to their makeup box.  The site makes it very easy to switch between the accessories, makeup or intimates categories and you can flip back and forth from month to month as much as you wish.

In the meantime, my Return Authorization says that I'll get a full refund of the $36.00 paid for this box and Wantable pays the return shipping.  How nice to get a no obligation preview!

If you'd like to try Wantable, click here.  If you sign up through eBates before June 30, 2014 you can also get 10% cash back on your order.

I am still very intrigued by Wantable's concept and look forward to seeing what comes in future boxes.

If you have received more than one category of Wantable boxes, I'd be really interested to know what you thought!


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Chris, Brigette and Norah Dusack said...

I returned my box too. First time I have done so. Everything was so pretty but b too heavy.