Thursday, June 19, 2014

Bath & Body Works Summer 2014 Haul + 2 Great Discount Codes!!

Bath & Body Works is one of my favorite on-line stores.  That's mostly because they have great products but also because you can almost always find discounts or sales. You can also layer discounts by using eBates, which currently offers 1.5% cash back for this store.  (If you missed my previous post on eBates, click here to catch up.)

I am always tempted by BBW's luscious seasonal candle scents, particularly for their 3-wick candles. The retail price on these was recently raised from $20 to $22.50. Since they are almost always available for half off, that means you can usually pick them up for somewhere around $11.00.  Well, that's still a little too much. Patience goes a long ways with this company!  For the first time in months, they recently dropped their prices down below the $10 mark and with the additional 1.5% eBate, the time was right to start shopping.

Unboxing a BBW order is a little bit of olfactory heaven that I wish I could share here. (Somebody really needs to develop Smell-A-Post technology for a review like this one. If Amazon can have drones dropping stuff on us, this doesn't really seem all that far-fetched!)  This shipment contained six candles and four bottles of hand soap.

The main reason for this order was to try out some of BBW's new summer candle scents but the one that first made me whip out my credit card was "Espresso Bar".  I love candle scents in the coffee family and I believe this one is a year-round scent. But it is sometimes hard to find.  The stores are often sold out and this is the first time I've been able to find it on-line. This has the rich aroma of roasted espresso beans and sweet vanilla froth.  It may be a little more fall appropriate but I wasn't going to take the risk of losing out on this one again.  (Truth be told, I've already ordered a second one.)

Several of the summer candles have a Hawaiian theme.  One of those is "Red Guava Lava" which is a fresh and fruity blend of red guava and passion fruit.  This line also has new lids with a pretty embossed floral design.

The other Hawaiian-themed candle I picked up is "Mango Dragon Fruit", a blend of rare and refreshing dragon fruit with juicy island mango, giving the ultimate tropical fruit blend.  This scent is more subtle than the "Red Guava Lava"; with just the right amount of fruity aroma.

The next candle is an unusual pale pink one called simply "Gelato".  I wasn't sure what to expect but it has a blend of raspberry and strawberry mixed with an effervescent spun sugar finish.  It's a subtle delicious scent, but not overwhelming.

The next one is a White Barn candle called "Watermelon Lemonade".  Somehow, the mix of watermelon ice and freshly squeezed lemons combine to make a wonderful light scent that doesn't really smell like either of those two items.  This candle also has an embossed lid although it's a different pattern than the ones above.

The last candle is "Pomelo Grapefruit" from BBW's "Fresh Picked" collection.  This is a light citrus scent that combines grapefruit, pomelo and orange. The embossed lid has a slightly distressed look with a "Fresh Picked" sticker on it.

Here's a quick tip for burning a candle. The very first time you light it, allow it to burn until there is a liquid pool all the way across the top. The candle will burn down evenly and you won't end up with wax high up on one side and down low on the other. Not only is that aesthetically pleasing, it lets you get the most possible burn time from the candle and the least amount of wasted wax. You're welcome!

While I was at it, I couldn't resist picking up four of the new summer hand soaps. BBW carries several different types of liquid hand soaps; all four of these are the gentle foaming hand soaps. I like these because they foam up nicely and contain aloe and Vitamin E which give your hands a little love every time you use them.

The first two are "Rainforest Sugarcane" and "Pacific Cool Breeze".  The first is described as an "exotic fantasy of fresh sugarcane and luscious pink guava" and the second is "fresh ocean air fragranced with jade flower and sea spray".  Notice the new bottle design; they are a little shorter and broader than before....not as easy to tip over on your sink.

The second pair are "Perfect Beach Day" (a blend of coconut, melon and bergamot) and "Honolulu Sun" (fresh island coconut and Pacific palm). As you can see, the Hawaiian theme was carried through several of the soaps as well as the candles.  

One big improvement that BBW has made is shipping time.  Recent on-line orders have reached me in two to three business days...warp speed shipping!  They have also improved their packaging.  I used to get at least one broken candle in every order; now they are individually packed in custom double fitted cardboard sleeves which keep breakage to a minimum.  (If one does arrive broken, the stores are very good about replacing them for you.)

If you want to get in on all this summeriness from Bath & Body Works, use the code ILUVSALE to get $10 off a $40 order.  You can also get 20% off any on-line purchase by using the code SUMMERFUN at checkout. This last one is good through August 31, 2014. Of course, sign up for their e-mails so you can be notified of current promotions.

Have you tried any of BBW's new summer scents?  If so, which was your favorite?


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