Saturday, June 14, 2014

PopSugar Must Have June 2014 Review + $10 Discount Code!!

It's always a good day when my PopSugar Must Have box arrives!  Their boxes feel like imaginative and carefully chosen birthday presents to me; in fact, they have actually influenced the way I GIVE birthday presents these days.  PopSugar sends the kind of items you didn't know you needed or wanted until they were in your hands. Some might construe that as wasteful spending; I prefer to think of it as my well deserved monthly reward. (Fortunately, I am a lenient judge of myself!)

The June box from PopSugar arrived with a whole slew of fun surprises.  It's especially nice to know that you're not going to get a bunch of tiny samples or "throw away" products in these boxes.

If you read my post from a couple of days ago, you know how I feel about books.  I was thrilled to see "The One & Only" by Emily Giffin...a hardback no less! the box. Even better...this is a new release and a #1 New York Times Bestseller...the kind of book I normally wait a year or more to buy...until the price goes down significantly. I am not familiar with this author but the plot seems compelling and the book has received a lot of great reviews.  So I'm eager to get going on this one!

There is a big 10 oz. bottle of Sachajuan Body Lotion in "Shiny Citrus" scent which retails for $24.  This Swedish product hydrates and soothes skin and has anti-aging properties.  It is very simply packaged and has a wonderful light citrus scent.


Since I have short hair, the one product in this box that I really can't use is the package of three Lollies braided hair ties.  These are really cute though and will make a great gift for one of my nieces.

At first, I thought this next box contained individually wrapped packages of lemon tea. Then I noticed "You Smell" on one side.  These are actually lemon scented wet wipes with aloe.  There are twelve of these in a very cute box.  I have to share the cute note on one side of the box:
Possible Outcomes from Use: Once clean, you'll emit a scent worthy of royalty.  Brightly colored birds will land on you singing, as unicorns prance by.  Crowds will part as you walk through them, possible kneeling. Few have the wardrobe to properly adapt to this. We see this as an opportunity. Enjoy!
How's that for advertising? These smell great and are very useful so I'm glad to get them. Also glad they sent a whole box and not just one wipe as I've seen in other boxes.

The food item in this box is a package of One Potato Two Potato Kettle Potato Chips in Hawaiian BBQ flavor.  These are all natural and gluten free.

The last item is a hand loomed Turkish towel by Turkish-T in a beautiful turquoise stripe pattern called "Basic Breeze Sorbet". This is thin enough to be worn as a scarf, thick enough to be used as a beach towel and long enough to be worn as a chic sarong.  This soft quick-drying towel retails for $32.

Surprisingly, PopSugar did not include an explanatory card in this shipment (or else mine was just left out). Those do help with understanding the products and their retail values. What they did include was a $15 voucher for Native Union, a website that sells all sorts of cool cell phone and tech accessories.

This was another fun box from PopSugar!  For me, every item in it is either consumable or giftable and all are full size quality products.  If you would like to try PopSugar Must Have, use code JUNESELECT10 to get $10 off a three month subscription.  This code won't work on a one month subscription but I'm pretty sure you're going to be hooked enough after your first box to want at least a couple more.

Note to PopSugar - I wouldn't mind at all if you put a newly released novel in EVERY box!

Happy June and thank you for reading,



SassyGal said...

I haven't ever gotten this box. But, I signed up because love this book, the hair ties are a will wear, and the towel is super fab looking. However, very disappointed took one week to get a shipping confirmation,now three days later still isn't showing up in fed ex sys. Super sad!

Lone Star Shopper said...

That's not good. I would contact them by phone or e-mail. If they aren't responsive, I'd ask about it on their Facebook page. Hopefully, your box will show up soon. I know they do go out at different times; some people get theirs a week before mine arrives. Hang in there and thanks for reading!