Saturday, June 21, 2014

Lip Monthly June 2014 Review + First Box for $5 & Other Discount Codes!

My second Lip Monthly box just arrived and I must admit, I'm less impressed than with last month's debut box from this company. That reaction is largely based upon one product which I'll get to in a minute.  Lip Monthly is a new beauty subscription company that sends small boxes containing primarily lip oriented products. They usually include at least one other beauty or cosmetic item that is not lip related.  If you missed my first review in May, you can read it here.

June's box contained one full size lipstick, an anti-feathering stick, two lip foils and a hand treatment. 

They include a small printed card which names the products but gives no information about them.

You should be able to count on a beauty subscription service primarily dedicated to lip products to send at least one quality lipstick each month. That couldn't have been further from the truth for Lip Monthly's June box. The lipstick is a color that isn't flattering on many women and the case is one of the flimsiest and cheapest I've ever seen. The brand is "LOL" (Lots of Love) and the color is a bold dramatic red called "Dance With the Devil". (My camera added too much orange; it's actually a rich dark red color.)  This really has the look and feel of mass produced cosmetic junk.

On a happier note, there is an anti-feathering stick from Lipology. I wish they had provided some information about this product as it is a new one to me. This sleek silver pencil has a clear waxy tip that is infused with Cera Cell Complex, which helps prevent lip color from migrating outside the lip line.  Retail is about $3.99.

The next item is a lip foil duo by Mary Kate and Ashley.  I hadn't heard the term "lip foil" before but these creamy little sticks apply a foil-like metallic color. There are no color names on these but the two shades I received are a dusty pink and a deep berry.  I tried the pink one and it does indeed leave a very metallic looking pink  I liked the creaminess and ease of application; however, the blunt flat end of the stick doesn't allow as much precision as a regular pointed lipstick shape.  These are small and quickly consumed through application so I don't expect them to last long. They are nice but maybe a bit more suited to young girls.

I'm a fan of all things Essie so I was glad they included a sample size bottle of "Naturally Clean" purifying hand treatment.  This is a nourishing all natural cream with a fairly strong botanical scent.

So for me, this month's box was just o.k.  I've received enough beauty boxes to know that they usually provide a lot more product value than the price paid. (The same is NOT true for food boxes where margins are much slimmer.)  The margins on cosmetics are extremely high so a good beauty subscription service should be able to obtain products for far less than retail and make them available to their subscribers. The whole point of beauty subscriptions is to have an opportunity to try various brands before deciding whether to purchase them independently. Most of the beauty boxes I've tried excel at locating and including high end brands (at least department store quality) which is what makes them so attractive.  I don't know if a lip oriented subscription service can survive when the centerpiece of their box is a $1.99 "Made in China" lipstick.

Having said that, this is a new company and I'm sure there is a steep learning curve involved. Hopefully, they can develop the market traction needed to source better products and keep their subscribers on-board.

Lip Monthly does offer some great purchase incentives. Their base price is $10 per month. The best deal right now is use the code SUMMERLIPS to get your first box for only $5.00. You can also use the code LIPMONTHLY4 to get four months for the price of three, $35. LIPMONTHLY12 will get you a full year's subscription for $110, which is essentially one free month.

If you have tried Lip Monthly, I'd be interested to hear your thoughts so far!



Anonymous said...

I had the same reaction about this box. Lip Monthly recently sent out a 2 question survey on how she could improve her boxes and I can only assume she didn't get very friendly responses.

I'm not upset that I spent 5$ on this box but I'd probably be a little miffed if I spent 10$. Luna for You started around the exact same time as Lip Monthly and the quality is already leagues better. They turned off commenting on their facebook page after their first box because of the negativity from the Rock Candy item possibly having mold on it. From the way it's looking, they're now deleting comments from their posts. Not a very good way to do customer service for a new company.

I admit I liked the lighter lip foil but the rest was entirely too dark and bold for me. My foil was also melted quite a bit meaning I have to smoosh it back in the container. I can pass them on to people who will enjoy them at least. I completely agree with the packaging on the lol. It looks like maybe it was supposed to be part of a 3 pack. The foils are also a discontinued item from 2009.

Here's hoping they improve next month. I can't see them lasting much longer if they continue in this direction.

Lone Star Shopper said...

I'm afraid you're right. This company is nowhere near competing at the same level as some of their competitors. If they don't catch up quick, I doubt they'll see the end of the year.

The Cowgill's said...

I actually just found this service and immediately signed up since I love lip products, even more push was the fact that I could get the first box for only $5. But then after doing some research I found a lot of people pointing out that the products they are sending out have been discontinued for years and years!!! And some of the companies arent even around anymore! Most sample subscription services I assume get the products from companies that want to get people to know about their products. It seems like this company gets their products in lots for super cheap from warehouse stores since they are discontinued. That is kind of scary- using possibly expired makeup! I will keep up with my subscription since it is cheap and hopefully this is only a glitch from being a new company. (lets hope)

Lone Star Shopper said...

Really interesting observation. I just received my July Lip Monthly so am interested to check everything out...particularly to see whether it appears to be current product or not. Thanks for your comment!