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BarkBox (Dog Subscription Service) May 2014 Review + 10% off First Order!

Of all the subscription boxes I've reviewed, the category that consistently gets the most page views is pet boxes, specifically, dog subscriptions.  People LOVE their dogs and many households consider them to be family members.  We are always looking for ways to do something special for our canine kids!

A lot of readers were disappointed to learn that Happy Dog Box stopped accepting new subscribers earlier this year.  Another great dog subscription box that I've recently discovered is BarkBox.  My first box was very similar in content, quality and price to prior Happy Dog Boxes that I've received.

With BarkBox, start off by choosing your dog's size from one of these categories:

Small & Cute - 0 to 20 lbs.
Just Right - 20 to 50 lbs.
Big & Bold - 50+ lbs.

Then choose a shipping plan from these choices:

One month - $29.00
Three months - $24.00 per month
Six months - $19.00 per month
One year - $18.00 per month

They also give an option to add an extra premium toy each month....a "Pupgrade"...for $9.00 per month. All prices include shipping.  Plans automatically renew and you can cancel at any time.

Be aware that BarkBox frequently runs multi-month subscription promotions through Groupon that offer even greater savings.  Since these change frequently, be sure to check Groupon before signing up.

Since I'm not an expert on dog treats and gifts, I decided to call in a pro.  My dachshund Tucker has generously agreed to assist with this review.  He is a senior level product tester with 12 years experience. He has special expertise in chewing and sniffing. He takes his job seriously and doesn't have much patience for photography when there is work to be done.

Our first BarkBox came with a cute paper insert wrapped around the goodies.  Inside were two full size packages of treats, one fetch stick, a dental chew and a stick chew.

Also included is a blue card that tells about each item and who makes it.  All of the edible items in this box are labeled "Made in the U.S.A.", which is comforting considering the recent controversy that has surrounded some dog treats imported from Asia.

Tucker surveyed the contents with a quick but thorough visual once over.

Then he got down to business and sniff-checked every item.  (Can you tell this is one happy dog?!?)

Consummate pro that he is, he refrained from ripping into anything until every item had been thoroughly considered and reviewed.

The first item is a package of Natural Organic Treats for Dogs by Max & Ruffy's. These are Strawberry & Carob flavor, also wheat free and low fat.  Tucker is often frustrated by my refusal to give him chocolate so I think he's really going to like these.

Next is a Crunchy Duck Chew by Etta Says. This is a premium 7 inch chew made with "novel proteins". I'm not sure what that means but as long as the stick doesn't quack, I'm good.  Tucker absolutely loves chew sticks like this.  It's amazing how fast a 24 lb. pup can go through something that feels quite solid and tough.

The next item is a Z-Bone by Zuke's, a natural grain-free dental chew in Clean Apple Crisp flavor.  This bone is good for freshening doggie breath, is long lasting and is filled with anti-oxidants.  BarkBox made a customization mistake with this one since it is marked as "Giant" size for dogs that are 90+ lbs.  But I have confidence in Tucker.  Where there is a will, there is a way.  And he is ALL will when it comes to chewing!

There is an orange hard rubber throw stick called "the Urban Stick" by Bionic Rubber. This is made with FDA food grade materials.  It has a great ergonomic design for throwing and fetching and is tough enough to withstand the most dedicated chewing. The ends of this stick are hollow and the card suggests stuffing them with peanut butter.  My only complaint...again, this item is really too big for Tucker.  However, size has never deterred him in the least (in fact, quite the opposite) and we love to play fetch so we're both looking forward to using this in our next play session.


The last item is a package of Jerky Chews by No Grainers in BBQ Chicken flavor. These are healthy grain-free dog treats and something I know Tucker will love.

When it comes to dog boxes, there is always the risk of getting something that your dog doesn't like or doesn't respond to.  That is not the case with this BarkBox. Tucker is intensely interested in everything inside and has given each item his unconditional seal of approval!  To me, that means everything.

Tucker has worked hard on this review and it's now his bedtime so I'm going to tuck him a people bed, of course.  Nothing less for this angel!

If you and your pup would like to try BarkBox, click here and get 10% off your first subscription. Your dog will love you even more, if that's possible!

Thanks for reading,

Cheryl and Tucker

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