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MunchPak Snack Subscription Box Review, June 2014 + 15% Promo Code

If you've had it up to here with gluten free, non GMO, natural, sustainable, fair trade, wheat free, dairy free, corn free, cholesterol free, taste've come to the right place!  MunchPak is the unapologetic leader in guilty pleasure snacking!  They send a great variety of fun snacks each month. I've found them to fall into three basic categories....foreign snacks, throwback to childhood snacks and a few favorite domestic snacks.

MunchPak is in the process of making some changes to their pricing structure and shipment frequencies. They have said that current customers will continue to pay the same price they've been paying but I'm guessing there will be a price increase for new customers at some point in the near future. So if you're interested, it's a probably a good idea to sign up as soon as possible. For more information on the upcoming changes, please refer to my May MunchPak review.

Now, let's see what was in the June MunchPak box!  I got the Original size which had a fun assortment of 13 items this time.

The bottom of the box was completely filled with a 5 pack of Lil' Dippers.  These are biscuit type sticks that you dip in chocolate.  I was surprised to see that these come from Chicago as I've seen a lot of similar treats from other countries.

When MunchPak includes a package of potato chips, it's generally something unusual. These are Baby Back Ribs Potato Chips from Herr's, also a U.S. company.

Then comes a coconut candy stick called Barricoquinas from Mexico.  I've noticed that Mexico produces a LOT of coconut based candies. There is also a stick of individually wrapped candies called "Drumstick" from the U.K.  These are very chewy with a complex flavor.  The only component of the flavor that I could identify was citrus.  These are hard to describe but quite good.

Next is a package containing four Sesame Snaps from Loucks, another U.S. company.  The only ingredients in these are sesame seeds, glucose syrup and sugar so they may be the one exception to my opening tirade above!  The Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles from the U.K. are a repeat item but I've really come to like all the Rowntrees fruity candies so I'm glad to get them.

Next we have a Big Hunk, the classic honey sweetened nougat with peanuts or as I like to think of them, free tooth extraction tools! I can't even remember how long it has been since I had one of these. Definitely one of the throwback to childhood candies!


The cutest snack package I've ever seen contains plain little round button biscuit type cookies from Japan. I'm sure the bunny is a familiar character in Japan but to's just cute packaging.  I've had these cookie bites before; they are pretty bland and boring. I may find some chocolate to dip them in.

Another Japanese candy is a package of what look like chewy little fruit drops in apple, grape and peach flavors.  Fruit flavored candies usually go over well with me. Wish they were more popular in the U.S.!

There is a package of Chewits, another repeat from the U.K.  I really like these and pretty much devour the whole pack in one sitting every time they come.  This package is a nice mild orange flavor.  The Morinaga Hi-Chews are another very welcome repeat although this flavor (Mango) is new to me.  These are made in Taiwan and distributed in the U.S. although I've never seen them on a retail store shelf in my area. 

The next item is one that only a kid will love, Toxic Waste Sour Smog Balls, a crunchy candy with a sour chewy center.  I can't bring myself to consume these so they will go to a nephew with an iron stomach.  (For those of a certain age....remember the Life "Mikey" commercials in the 70's..."Let's get Mikey!  He won't eat it; he hates everything!  He likes it!  Hey Mikey!"?  This product makes me think of those!)

Last, worst and BEST is a creme filled OREO Brownie!  Don't think about it; just enjoy it!

That's all in my June MunchPak, as usual a fun experience to receive and dig through. MunchPak has kindly provided a custom discount code for my readers who would like to try their service.  Use the code LONESTARSHOPPER at checkout to get 15% off your order. As I mentioned above, sign up soon if you want to avoid what I assume is an upcoming price increase.

I've already polished off the orange Chewits; think I'll try one of those Sesame Snaps now!  

Munch on,


P.S.  If you got a MunchPak this month, did you receive the same items?  Let us know below.

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