Saturday, June 7, 2014

Mexican Candy Box "Sweet Box" Review, May 2014

Some people like candy from Mexico.  I mean REALLY like candy from Mexico!  For them, we have The Mexican Candy Box, a subscription box that sends a surprise selection of candy and snacks from Mexico each month.

Since I've received a few pieces of Mexican candy in other subscription boxes, I know that what distinguishes some of it is a hot or spicy flavor. A good example of this is Pulparindo, which makes candies from the pulp of the tamarind plant....then adds chili peppers for flavor.  Some people love this; I don't. Fortunately, with Mexican Candy Box, you can indicate whether you want both sweet and spicy, just spicy or just sweet.

For each of the taste options, they have three sizes available.  The price is the same whether you choose a recurring plan or just a single box.

Solo - $12.00
Amigo - $15.00
Familia - $20.00

The "Sweet & Spicy" boxes contain 8 to 10 different kinds of candy.  The just "Sweet" or just "Spicy" boxes each contain 4 or 5 different kinds of candy.  I ordered a "Sweet" box in the Amigo size.

My box contained a colorful assortment of sweet candies.  No fancy packaging here, just the candy and a strip of paper showing their names and descriptions.  My box contained quite a few pieces each of four different candies.

There are five Coco Banderas, coconut candies colored like the flag of Mexico.  I'm a little disturbed that there is no labeling at all on these.  The only way I knew what they were is from the explanatory paper enclosed.  I'm guessing they were taken from a much larger box and were not individually labeled for re-sale. Not sure how the FDA views this with respect to the subscription box business.

Next are several Mini Obleas con Cajeta de Leche de Cabra by Las Sevillanas.  These are very delicate round soft wafers with goat's milk caramel filling.  Very good with a mild flavor.  

If you've ever been a visitor in a Mexican resort city, you'll recognize these.  Most tourists get approached by adorable little children selling "Chiclets" at one time or another.  Of course, it is hoped that you will be seduced by their cuteness (which is not difficult) and give them FAR more than the gum is worth.  I'm not a gum chewer myself but I'll pass them around. (Unfortunately, I am not cute enough to get 100 times what they are worth!)  

The fourth and last candies in this box are Jumbo Cerezas by de la Rosa, big cherry lollipops with gum in the center.  More gum.  I wish they had Tootsie Roll or chocolate centers!  These are good and pretty harmless.

This was a colorful and fun box to open.  If you'd like to try one of the versions of Mexican Candy Box, click here.  If you're brave enough to order the Spicy candies, I'd really like to hear what you think upon receipt.  

The Mexican Candy Box is shipped on the 10th of each month, so if you're interested, get your order in by the first of the month.  Orders received after the first will receive the box for the following month.

Hasta manana mis amigos!



Anonymous said...

Ooo I love that Mexican gum! You can't get them anywhere here in WV, but in Atlanta they sell them in several little markets by the box full. The purple ones are fruit flavored, really nice! :D

Unknown said...

Did you taste the Coconut candy? was it good... It is concerning that there isn't a label.

Unknown said...

Did you taste the Coconut candy? was it good... It is concerning that there isn't a label.

Lone Star Shopper said...

Well, it was pure coconut...I like coconut but need it mixed with something else (like chocolate) to really enjoy it. This company didn't last long; I believe they shut down some time in 2014.