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Luxe Pineapple "Box of Joy" Review, June 2014 + 10% Discount Code

One way to get access to high end cosmetic brands is to purchase them in bulk from manufacturers who are liquidating for one reason or another. A fairly new on-line company that does exactly that is Luxe PineappleThey provide a rare opportunity to try some high end cosmetics at affordable prices. You can find all sorts of designer brands on their site such as Clinique, Lancome, Smashbox, Becca, Tarte, Kiehl's, Benefit, MAC, Yves St. Laurent....the list goes on and on and on.  Rather than going "deep" into these brands, Luxe Pineapple goes "wide" giving you access to just a few products from a lot of name brands. You won't have dozens of shades to choose from but you just might snag a YSL lipstick for a fraction of its usual retail price.

Luxe Pineapple also offers cosmetic collections called "Boxes of Joy".  Check under the Deal of the Day tab to see the current box. These contain a number of products, most of which are revealed so you pretty much know what you'll be getting. My recent "Box of Joy" arrived in a deceptively small pink box tied with a coordinating ribbon.

Inside were four full size cosmetics and three travel or sample sizes.  The brand names in this collection are impressive:  Make Up For Ever, Yves Saint Laurent, Elizabeth Arden, Erno Laszlo and Pop Beauty.  

Of course, the first thing that caught my eye was the satin/shine "Lip Twins" Travel Selection duo from Yves Saint Laurent. This was elegantly packaged with two gold boxes inside an outer black box. The two colors I received are YSL 5 (Coral Harmony) and YSL 6 (Pink Harmony). The couture packaging actually contains instructions on how to use the lip duos. (Pull the applicator top out, then rotate the barrel to reveal a satin color, turn it again to reveal the shine color; the third turn reveals a mirror.) Application is a bit tricky and time consuming but the results are beautiful. (These may be discontinued since I couldn't find a retail price, but it has to be at least $30.)

This collection contained several lip products.  The next one is an Elizabeth Arden Exceptional Lipstick in the gorgeous "Coraline" shade. This is a creamy formula that requires only one coat.  The shade is a slightly pearlescent coral that I think would be flattering on most women. (Retail $20)


The third lip product is Make Up For Ever's Lab Shine in the Nude shade from the Star Collection.  This is a light gloss with spectacular shine that has just a hint of color. (Retail $19)

Next is a small sample of Erno Laszlo's Transphuse Topical Anti-Aging.  I'm a bit afraid of this product because of the description, which reads in part:  "Unique sensory component's cooling, numbing sensation relaxes skin while product penetrates. Topical muscle relaxants modulate facial expressions and reduce the formation of wrinkles."  MODULATE FACIAL EXPRESSIONS????  One ounce of this stuff sells for $195, so I'm actually glad there is very little here.

Far less scary (and much more welcome) is a Face Luminizer Gel by Make Up For Ever in #32, Sparkling Golden Pink.  This is a highlighter that gives an ultra-natural glow wherever it's applied.  I love this product; it's extremely light and can be applied over other makeup to add a very subtle shimmer. (Retail $29)

The last item is an eye liner in "Olive Oomph" shade from Pop Glitz Blitz which has a bit of jewel-like glitter. This has the color intensity of a liquid liner but goes on easily like a pencil.  This is a waterproof formula that stays on until you take it off.  I don't like to get very experimental with eye liner but even I can handle this unique color. (Retail $15)

Overall, the quality of brands and products in this box is exceptional.  One caveat: If you look closely, you may see evidence of why these products are available at such low prices. (Examples: The applicators in the YSL lip duo are really tiny which makes the application process quite time consuming.  I'm guessing that had something to do with why they are no longer available...or they could have been a limited edition product; I don't know. There is Arabic writing on the bottom of the Make Up For Ever box; perhaps it was a production overrun? The Elizabeth Arden lipstick comes without a box.) Sometimes it pays not to ask too many questions and I think that's the case here. Just take advantage of the amazing opportunity to try products of this caliber!

If you'd like to try Luxe Pineapple, click here and use code NAPTIME to get 10% off your order.  I believe this code will only work one time for each customer and I'm not sure when it expires.

Have you tried Luxe Pineapple?  If so, what did you think?


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