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Surprise My Pet Review, January 2016 + 10% & 25% Discount Codes!

There are quite a few dog boxes in the subscription box universe. A favorite around our house is Surprise My Pet. The toys and treats from most of these companies are similar (probably sourced from the same vendors) but what distinguishes Surprise My Pet is that they include some type of costume or doggy accessory in each box.  So, if your pup is a ham (like both of mine are), they can dress fashionably year round!

When signing up for Surprise My Pet, you provide your dog's gender, weight and birthday and they send appropriate toys, treats and costumes. Each box contains 4 to 6 items with the treats being mostly natural and organic.  Boxes are $25 per month...$23 per month if you sign up for three months and $19 per month if you sign up for a full year. (Basically, you get three free months with an annual subscription; a very good deal!)

January's Surprise My Pet box didn't really have a theme but it contained two toys, one accessory, three edibles and something fun for pup parents.  (I apologize in advance for the poor photography in this review; I could use a lighting technician!)

The product card gives minimal information but does tell a bit about each item.

First things cute is my boy Tucker in his new black and red print bow tie!!! It's made of a soft non-irritating fabric and it's adjustable to any neck size. Without being asked, he sat up to show it off as soon as I put it on him! (His bloody nose, which is mostly hidden in this photo, is due to an earlier fence skirmish with the neighbor dogs. The fence won.)  

Here's the bow tie in its package:

There is a rather fierce looking plush green shark with a squeaker buried deep inside. Since my evisceration specialist Dakota could have this guy gutted in about two minutes, it will be going to a kinder, gentler home.  

Good thing I took a photo of this bone because it's now buried somewhere in the back yard. This was a big heavy smoked bone from Ranch Rewards.  I gave it to 50 lb. Dakota; within seconds, it was being stealthily removed from the premises by 24 lb. Tucker. (HUGE bone confiscated by little dog! Really funny sight which I unfortunately couldn't catch on camera.) No matter...there's enough bone here to keep both of them occupied for days and days. I don't expect (or want) to ever see this bone again.

This paw print bag contains some hand-crafted treats from an Etsy seller named Shorty's Gourmet Treats.  There are two pumpkin flavored fire hydrants, two peanut butter bones and two sweet potato squares; all most enthusiastically appreciated by my boys!

The best dog toys around here are the indestructible toss/tug/chew combinations like this rope toy from Duke's Pet Products. Although Dakota is new here, I have already seen him playing tug o' war with Tucker and I think this very strong toy will encourage that.  If not, Tucker lives to chew and tug so he and I will get a lot of use from this one.

There is a bone-shaped dental chew from Z-Bone which helps freshen breath and clean teeth. Oddly, the main ingredient in this is potato flour and the flavor is Clean Berry Crisp.  

You rarely see anything for people in dog boxes but this month, Surprise My Pet included a set of doggie word magnets.  The idea is to create your own puppy poetry and stick it on the refrigerator or any other magnetic surface.  I was hoping to create a clever haiku for this post but so far, the wheels in my head are not turning.......

As usual, Surprise My Pet did a great job of putting this box together.  All of the edible treats were big hits with Tucker and Dakota (especially that huge bone) and I appreciated the inclusion of the magnet set. I like that they find safe and healthy products and focus on all-natural treats.  Most of all, I love seeing the joy my puppy boys take in their monthly surprise box!

If you want to sign up for Surprise My Pet, the code PUPSRULE will get 25% off an annual subscription, making it $203 or just $16.92 a exceptional value! Also, I believe the code LOVE will get 10% off any plan. Keep an eye on the deal sites for big discounts on this subscription. I know that they have run great Groupon promotions in the past, although I don't see one right now. 

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