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The Match Up from eSalon Hair Products Review, December 2015 + $10 Discount!

It's surprising that so few sub boxes have concentrated on hair products exclusively. They all contain small hair samples occasionally but I'm not aware of any that specifically focus on hair products.  One that does is The Match Up by eSalon.  I wasn't familiar with eSalon until recently but their primary business is at home individualized hair color.

With The Match Up, customers can get three eSalon branded hair products tailored to their specific needs.  For $30 a month, you can mix and match three full size hair products, either choosing them yourself ("Manual" mode) or letting their experts choose for you ("Discover" mode). You can also add up to two bonus items for a discount of 25% each.  They offer a range of hair products for color care, color enhancing, volume, repair, smoothing, styling plus a few tools and a couple of brow products. You can choose a delivery frequency of 4, 5 or 6 weeks and you can skip a shipment any time you want.

Since the available product range is pretty narrow and a few of the categories didn't meet my needs at all, there wasn't a lot to choose from.  But I was able to find three styling products that seemed appropriate for my hair.  My first box arrived just five days after ordering in a medium sized pink and white box.

Inside, the products were contained in a big white drawstring bag.

A personalized card showed the three products I chose plus the amount of money I saved, which they said was $28.00.  After comparing the discounted initial price I paid ($19.95) against the combined retail prices ($43.00), I see that I actually saved $23.05.  Using the full monthly price of $30.00 would have resulted in a savings of just $13.00...not very impressive. And while I'm on a rant here, it is annoying to have to click through the product on the main page to get the retail price!

On to happier comments!  The big white bag contained these three products, all in full sizes:

First is eSalon's Get Heated Thermal Protect Hair Mist.  This protects hair during heat styling, leaves it silky and shiny and delivers moisture to dry hair....all highly desirable results from my hair's point of view!

Next is their Sleek Dreams Smoothing Balm which smooths hair during styling, eliminates frizz and "increases style memory" interesting claim! This can be used on wet or dry hair.

The third item is Perfect Ending Leave-In Conditioner, the item I expect to like and use the most.  It is hydrating and lightweight and shields hair from the elements.

These look like nice products and regardless of the shady savings calculation, I certainly got a good buy. For now, I have temporarily suspended shipments until I have time to thoroughly test these three products. It is nice to have the option of keeping your account intact while having current shipments on hold (plus, it's just good business).

I should mention that The Match Up subscription service may be of particular interest to those with color treated hair as that is eSalon's main product focus.  But even if that's not your primary hair concern, there are still some good products to check out.  For a $10 discount on your first order, click here.  That should make your first order about $20 and for full size versions of salon quality hair products, that's a great deal!

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