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Orange Glad Sweet Box Artisan Desserts Review, January 2016 + $10 Discount!

Once again, I find myself speed writing a blog post because the subject isn't going to last long enough to survive my usual procrastination!  Orange Glad's monthly Sweet Box is full of artisan sweets from small batch purveyors around the country. There are no long term subscription plans here; it's just $15 a month plus $4 for shipping, an amount I've always found quite reasonable for the quantity and quality of what they send.

January's box contains five items, three of which I've received and enjoyed before. (I've subscribed to this one for a long time so it stands to reason I'd be seeing a few repeats on occasion.) In case you're wondering, Orange Glad's box measures about 9" x 5.75" x 2.25" and this month weighs 1 lb. 3 ozs.  Measurements are important when we're talking high octane sweets!  

The color brochure has a page for each product with information about the maker and what to expect from each treat.  For those who obsess over calorie count or nutritional information...move along, this is definitely not the box for you!

Here we have a Crispycake from The Crispery in Cocoa Concoction; this is a gargantuan marshmallow rice treat that will easily last me three or four days.  I've had these before; you might as well get a sharp knife, cut it into pieces and hide what you're not going to eat immediately. These are chewier and stickier than the Rice Krispy treats I used to make.

It's possible that someone broke into this package before this review was written. I'm not saying who but the security of these Silk Shortbread cookies was definitely breached. These are light, flaky and buttery and also quite crumbly. (Sheer speculation; how would I know?)

These Finally Ginger cookies in Oatmeal Cranberry are a new addition to Orange Glad's box (to me, anyway).  These are artisanal ginger cookies; you can actually see the ginger crystals on them. They are homemade and contain three different types of ginger.

We've seen Tumbador chocolate bars before; they are fine chocolate bars that come from a confectionery in Brooklyn, NY.  This one is milk chocolate with pretzel, peanut, toffee and sea salt.  The classy mint green paper packaging lets you know this is something special!

The last item is a package of Artisanal Carameled Popcorn from The Art of Caramel. This is in the flavor Vanilla Bean Cocoa Nib; no way anything could go wrong here. (Just need about three times as much!)

I thought this was a great box, partly because I've tasted four of these items before and know how good they are.  Orange Glad does a really good job of scouting out the best sweets and desserts and you can always count on them to send a box full of deliciousness.

If you're interested in trying Orange Glad, click here for $10 off your first box.  (That makes it just $9.00!)  Also, I noticed that a number of the a la carte items in Orange Glad's Sweet Marketplace are on sale with pretty good discounts.  I suspect those won't last long so check 'em out.

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P.S.  OK, OK, I confess! I'm the one who stole a Silk Shortbread cookie!  I'm only human; I just could not wait!  

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