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Beauty DNA Subscription Box Review, January 2016

If beauty sub boxes were arranged along a continuum from "least customized" on the left to "most customized" on the right, the majority of them would sit towards the left end. Wantable Makeup would sit somewhere to the right of center and WAY out to the right would be Beauty DNA.  For $25 a month, they send a product that is specifically matched to your individual preferences and needs. When signing up, you complete an extensive profile indicating things like age, skin tone, fragrance and product ingredient preferences, hair and skin concerns, formulation preferences, skin issues, etc.

Once your profile is complete, they use their patented product matching system to search among thousands of products for one that specifically meets your needs. That item comes to you accompanied by a detailed Beauty Report which explains why it was chosen for you, what it does and how to use it.  The box you get will include a full size hair, skin or body product that is generally matched to one of the Top Five Concerns expressed in your profile. In my experience so far, the products have been mid range to high end and are generally new-to-me brands.

My January Beauty DNA box actually contained two items and two Beauty Reports. But first things first; the product(s) arrives in a medium size white branded box.

The items were packed inside a lot of crinkle shreds wrapped in tissue and sealed with a sticker.

Normally, there is just one Beauty Report but I received two this month.  One of them has a seal that says "Congratulations! You get a bonus match this month".  First time that has happened for me. Because this service is so highly customized, your full name is printed on the outside of the Beauty Report and you are addressed by your first name on the inside.

Here are the two items in my box; a full size skin cleanser and leave-in conditioner. The cleanser is the feature item; the leave-in conditioner is the bonus.

The Beauty Report for the Miracle Skin Transformer Hydroactive Cleanser from Sarah McNamara says that it has a whipped texture that turns into a foam when water is added. It instantly freshens, hydrates and soothes and contains power antioxidants. This is a deep cleanser that removes all traces of makeup, leaving skin moisturized and luminous. The right side of the report shows exactly why it was matched for me, using some of the key words indicated in my profile. Retail $24

This is the product; a 3.33 oz. tube that looks like enough to last for a long time.

The bonus item is a 6 oz. tube of Lovin' Leave-in Conditioner from Philip B.  The Beauty Report says this has restorative properties and it rejuvenates and strengthens hair with every application. On the right side, it tells exactly which concerns of mine this product addresses. Retail $24

I like that there is a lot in this tube and it is light in texture.  Although I'm familiar with this brand, I haven't tried it before so am glad to have a chance to road test this product.

Compared to other beauty subscription services, Beauty DNA definitely has a more grown-up feel to it. I would say it's for those who are ready to move up to hair and skin care products that are closely targeted to address specific needs. The concept here is exactly the opposite of Birchbox and Ipsy; you won't just get whatever they have laying around; you get what your skin and hair actually need. I have been most impressed with the products they have chosen for me. (If you want to change the type of products you receive, you can update your Beauty Profile at any time.)

Click here if you'd like to try Beauty DNA.  This is not the least expensive beauty sub out there but it just may be the most effective!

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P.S.  I want to mention this company's stellar customer service. My very first box contained a product that was different than the product described in the Beauty Report.  I e-mailed them about it and they sent a full size argument! 

Disclosure:  Views and opinions expressed in this blog are strictly my own.  Product discussed in this post was purchased by Lone Star Shopper. Post does not contain referral or affiliate links.

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