Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Castile Soap Subscription Review + 15% Discount Code!

A colorful soap in pretty packaging will always get my attention.  I am just shallow like that! As it turns out, my lack of sophistication resulted in some really nice soap this week.  Castile Soap sells premium quality natural soaps derived from ethical production processes.  Their products are organic and eco-friendly and free of artificial foaming agents and harsh cleansers.

Castile Soap has a subscription service that sends either one or three bars per month. The "Discover" option sends one full size bar of soap and costs $6.99 per month. With the "Deluxe" option, you get three bars per month.  Shipping is free.

My first Castile Soap shipment arrived about nine days after placing the initial order. It came in a plain white bubble mailer. Since I ordered the Deluxe option, I received three 3.5 oz. bars of soap, all attractively packaged in pale blue window boxes.

Besides a packing slip, the only other item was a piece of paper telling about the vegan qualities of Castile Soap, how to use it and the expected results.

The first soap is Organic Green Tea which contains green tea extracts, olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, chamomile extracts, sweet almond oil and shea butter, among other things.  Looks like this soap has anti-aging properties.  Three fourths of the bar is an opaque mint green color and a fourth is transparent, like glycerin. "Castile Soap Bar" is stamped in script on one side of the bar.

The second bar is Calendula (marigold); it is recommended for detoxing and brightening the skin.  The opaque section of this soap is a milky white color and the glycerin fourth is amber.  This one contains calendula extracts, olive, coconut, palm and almond oils and glycerine.  Having worked with botanicals quite a bit while making potpourri, I'm familiar with calendula. Honestly, it is not one of my favorite scents.  However, the smell of this soap is light and fresh; very pleasant!

The third soap is Aloe Vera which is used for complexion correction.  This one contains all the oils mentioned above plus aloe extracts.  The color combination is similar to the Green Tea soap; light green for the majority and transparent amber for the glycerin section.

I forgot to mention a few other virtues of Castile Soaps; besides being vegan and cruelty free, they are also free of sulfates, phthalates and parabens.  They can be used anywhere on the body and can be used in household cleaning, as a vegetable wash, laundry detergent, dish soap, all purpose cleaner and glass cleaner.  You can even wash your car and floors with this stuff!

If you're interested in trying Castile Soap, use code EARTH for 15% off your purchase. I believe this will work on a la carte purchases as well as subscriptions.  You can also like their Facebook page for a $1 discount. These soaps are so nicely packaged, they would make great gifts too!

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