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Ecocentric Mom December 2015 Review + $10 Discount Code!

Ecocentric Mom is the only subscription service I know about where you can pick a box based on stage of motherhood.  All of the boxes contain beauty, bath and body and snack items for Moms. The "Pregnancy" box also contains pregnancy care and baby prep items. The "Mom & Baby" box includes baby food, baby care, baby attire and baby play items. The "Mom" box includes health and wellness and home items.

You can have Ecocentric Mom delivered monthly or bi-monthly for $24.95.  In addition, they offer three, six and twelve month plans with progressive discounts (as low as $22 per mo.) for longer terms.  Plans auto renew and shipping is free within the United States.  

The theme of December's box was "post holiday calm" with products chosen to help relax and unwind after the holiday season.  This review is for the "Mom" box.

The information card tells what's in the box and gives a bit of information about each item. It also provides a website for each product plus discount codes if you want to purchase more.  

There are four packages of Smarty Pants multivitamins; two for adults and two for kids.  Each packet contains two gummies in fruity flavors.

Next is the kind of item you only see in sub boxes....a "therapeutic quality Ayurvedic organic essential oil blend".  These provide personal aromatherapy when applied topically throughout the day.  The card says they "evoke a euphoric feeling".  OK, I just applied some (it has a slightly grassy citrusy scent); I'll let you know if I'm feeling euphoric by the end of this post!

This package contains Coconut Chips from Coconut Organics.  These are lightly toasted and naturally sweet.  I'm not crazy about these on their own but they make a tasty topper for ice cream or other desserts.

Next is a bottle of Rejuvenate Avocado and Mango Butter Body Oil from HelloMellow.  The idea is to massage it into your skin for the ultimate nourishing and healing experience.  This aromatherapy product is said to be good for hydrating dry winter skin.

From Konjac Sponge, there is a bamboo charcoal facial sponge.  This is not pretty but the card says it contains activated carbon and various minerals that enhance absorption which makes sense since it is labeled "suitable for oily and acne prone skin".  Interesting item but probably not something I will use much.

The last item is the obligatory lip balm, this time it's a coconut scent from The Laughing Tree. This smells nice and will certainly be used but honestly, I'm getting tired of lip balms in every subscription box.  From a business standpoint, I completely understand why sub commerce companies keep turning to these but from a consumer standpoint, they just come across as filler.

For me, this was a pretty lackluster box.  None of the products are particularly interesting and none are things I would buy independently.  To be fair, I am not the intended demographic for this box but I do review a lot of boxes and this one just seems uninspired. We have seen much better boxes from this company; hopefully, this was just a one time aberration.  

If you're interested in trying Ecocentric Mom, click here to get a discount code worth $10 off a three or six month subscription.  This offer expires on March 23, 2016. Hopefully, the next box will show some improvement!

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P.S.  Not feeling too euphoric right now!

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