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GlobeIn Artisan Crafts Review, December 2015 + Discount Codes!

It has been a LONG time since I reviewed a GlobeIn box; fourteen months to be exact! GlobeIn sources products that are handmade by artisans in remote areas and connects them to a worldwide market. The hope is that native craft techniques can be saved with sustainable businesses developed in the process. 

Although the cause was certainly noble, my experience was that the products I received were not practical or applicable in any way to my life. The problem was a common one for sub companies (or any company, for that matter) with altruistic ambitions. To appreciate this company, you pretty much had to consider your monthly fee a donation to support third world artisans.

In spite of the above, I thought they had an interesting concept and one that might improve as they worked out the kinks.  Over the past six months or so, there have been some great reviews so I thought it was time to give GlobeIn another try. The cost of a GlobeIn box is $35 or $99 if you pay for three months in advance.  The best deal is a six month term for an advance payment of $180. 

December's GlobeIn box arrived in a medium size cube shaped box with words to inspire on one side.

Everything in the box was packed inside this cute palm leaf basket which was hand woven in Oaxaca, Mexico.  The one I received has a cute purple chevron pattern. This is such a useful item and at 6" tall, it's just the right size for all sorts of storage needs.  This one will hold some beauty supplies in my bathroom for the time being.   

Here's a look at how everything was packed inside the basket:

GlobeIn sends a little booklet with a page telling about each item on one side and a picture of the artist who made it on the other side.  There is quite a bit of information about how sales of the product have affected the lives of the artisans.

The page above tells about these upcycled greeting cards made by people with disabilities who live in a refugee camp in Malawi.  These amazing cards are created from handmade paper and recycled African textiles. (The white parts are the handmade paper and the colored parts are fabric attached to the paper.)  Their wonderful texture makes them quite unique and I'm sure note recipients would love to get one of these!

This gold beaded necklace with tiny fabric tassels spaced at intervals comes from an ethical fashion company in the Honduras known as Tribe Alive.  This is a simple piece that I think will layer well with many other necklaces.  The necklace arrived in a handmade hand stamped muslin bag from Haiti.

From the Dominican Republic comes an organic dark chocolate caramel crunch bar from Equal Exchange Chocolates.  The booklet gives some information about the local cacao farmers who provide the beans for this chocolate.

This is a hand dyed batik table runner from a seamstress in Ghana. When opened out, it measures about 4 feet by 13 inches.  It is fully lined so has a nice substantial feel.  This is a beautifully made piece that will upgrade the look of a dining or console table!

I am so pleased with everything in December's GlobeIn box!  The curation is spot on and the craftsmanship of each piece is exquisite.  Of course, the cultural aspect significantly enhances the uniqueness and desirability of each piece.  

For orders of three months or more, use code ARTISAN25, WELCOME or CELEBRATE for an $8.75 discount or code REFRESH for a $7.50 discount. All of the items shown above plus many others are available individually in GlobeIn's shop.  If you purchase three or more items ($30 or more), you get a free palm leaf basket with your order.

Based on this box, I think GlobeIn has made huge improvements in the types of items they send, particularly in terms of aesthetic appeal and usefulness.  And it just feels good to support these talented artisans while getting really nice items that you can gift or enjoy yourself!


P. S.  One less expensive purchase option is GlobeIn's Benefit Basket which is only $19.99. This includes a palm leaf basket with one handcrafted good inside.

Disclosure:  Views and opinions expressed in this blog are strictly my own.  Product discussed in this post was purchased by Lone Star Shopper. Post does not contain referral or affiliate links.

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