Friday, February 5, 2016

Prospurly January 2016 Review + 10% Discount Code for Life!

The best subscription boxes (in my opinion) are those that deliver products you couldn't easily find for yourself and that expose you to things you might not otherwise try. That's what Prospurly does best.  They send six to eight artisan crafted products each month with a total retail value of around $80. These small batch goods are usually bath and body products or snacks, sometimes with other interesting additions.

The theme for January's box is "A New Adventure" with a focus on empowering mental and physical health. The big branded orange box arrived by USPS Priority mail and contained seven items.


A card attached inside the lid introduces the month's theme on one side and tells about the products on the other side.

This 8 oz. package of natural and vegan Lavender laundry soap is hand made by La Conner. This is highly concentrated and the label says it will do 16 to 32 loads of wash.  I don't remember ever receiving laundry soap in a sub box before!

I have a feeling I'm not the intended personality type for the next item, which is a pack of four affirmation cards.  One side has an inspirational phrase and the other side has fill-in-the-blank prompts. Way too touchy feely for me but the cards will make good book marks. The stated retail price of $7.95 for these is ridiculous.


This cute tin contains a Detox Foot Soak from Blythe Market.  This is made with dead sea salts, epsom salts, baking soda and essential oils.  My feet and I are looking forward to this!

This pump spray bottle contains Geranium + Argan Oil Facial Serum from Fawn Lily Botanica...what a beautiful name!  This is pretty intense stuff so one small pump goes a long way towards hydrating and protecting skin.

When I opened the January Prospurly box and saw this on the top, I thought a packer had dropped it in by accident.  But I checked the information card and lo and behold, the inclusion was intentional. This is a Faber-Castell mechanical pencil in slate gray.  It has rubber dot grips on the barrel and a very fine lead, which I love. I didn't expect this in a Prospurly box but it's definitely something I will use every single day.

It wouldn't be a subscription box without a lip balm!  This one is also from Fawn Lily Botanica and has a Spiced Chai + Coconut scent. Lots of good emollient ingredients in this one.

This little brown bottle contains Chamomile-Infused Honey Elixir from Barefoot Apothecary.  I would have had no idea what to do with this but the card says "Use this incredible elixir in tea, by the spoonful to sooth the throat or drizzle atop any delicious creation you desire". Ingesting products in apothecary-type packaging makes me nervous so I'll tread carefully with this one.

That's it for January's Prospurly box.  My favorite products were the laundry soap, the foot soak and strangely enough, the mechanical pencil, unexpected as it was. I'm less excited about the facial serum and the honey elixir.  The lip balm, however boring, will be used.  The affirmation cards are just not my thing so are pretty useless. So, this was a mixed bag for me.

The cost of a Prospurly box is $49.95 per month but you can use any of the codes SPRING, BREAKFAST, FOUNDER or SUMMER to get a 10% discount for the life of your subscription, making it $44.96 per month. The types of products they include are pretty consistent so if interested, read several months' reviews to see if this box is for you.  Here's a link to my September review, if you want to check that out.

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