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Treatsie Gourmet Sweets Review, January 2015 + Double Sweets or $10 Discount Code!

How long has it been since you really indulged your sweet tooth?  If it's been too long, never fear....Treatsie to the rescue!  They send gourmet sweets from artisan vendors around the country; the kind of treats you'll never find in a big box store. Treatsie boxes feature lots of chocolate and lots of caramel but you'll also find all sorts of other sweetness inside.  Three small batch confectioners are featured each month and the retail value of each box is around $25.

Treatsie has three pricing plans.  There is a $4.95 shipping charge per month.

Monthly billing - $15
Quarterly billing - $42
Annual billing - $144

In my humble opinion, January's box was one of Treatsie's best yet.  A couple of the products were SO good that I was inspired to make my first a la carte purchase from their store.  Warning:  Reading any further may be hazardous to your wallet!  (If you do succumb, use code FREESHIP2015 at checkout to get free shipping on all January box items. Expires 1/31/15.)

Here's a first look at all the goodness inside:

The information card tells about the products and vendors and gives their retail prices. There is also a monthly deal note which is the free shipping promotion that I mentioned above.

These "Armadillos" from the Dallas Caramel Company just may be the perfect candy. They are described as "Texas pecans sandwiched between a thick layer of caramel and a sweet piece of dark chocolate".  The concept is similar to Pangburn's Millionaires or Demet's Turtles but the quality and decadent taste is SO much better.  Yes, I have ordered more.  No, I don't feel guilty about it. 

Also from the Dallas Caramel Company is this little drawstring burlap bag full of a delectable caramel assortment.  Each one is individually labeled.  The flavors I received are Drunken Nut, Sea Salt, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Apple Pie, Orange, Original, Sea Salt and Coconut.  So far, my favorites are Coconut and Drunken Nut. (I live very close to Dallas; how is it that I did not know about this company?  THAT is why you need Treatsie!)

Next is a package of Biscuit Gourmet Biscotti in "The Muse" which is chocolate biscotti with chunks of dark Belgian chocolate.  I haven't tried these yet but I've had other biscotti from this company and they are absolutely wonderful.  I don't know how you could improve much on this flavor combination.

The last item is an Almond Butter Cup from Buddha Chocolate.  This is some of the best chocolate I've ever tasted.  It is in the form of a peanut butter cup but the center is a tasty almond filling.  The quality of the chocolate is obvious; it is described as "single origin craft chocolate, bold and stone ground".  I am not knowledgeable about all the grades and processing techniques of fine chocolate but my taste buds know this is great!  (I had planned to have just a tiny nibble so I could write this review; well, you can guess what happened.)

As you may know, Treatsie had a lot of problems shipping chocolate during the heat of last summer.  Their boxes had to be shipped inside huge refrigerated and padded packages. Even with that elaborate precaution, lots of melted chocolate arrived.  I'm guessing the expensive packaging plus the replacement shipments that were necessary may mean that we'll get far less chocolate during future summer months. Reason enough to subscribe now!

If you're interested in trying Treatsie, click here and use code FRBUCO01 or FBDOUBLESWEETS to get double the sweets (over $40 total value) in your first box. Or, you can use code WELCOME44 to get $10 off your first month.

By the way, when you sign up, Treatsie gives you an option to indicate your taste preference for milk chocolate, dark chocolate, coffee/espresso or any combination of those.  This was not available when I first signed up which meant I sometimes got stuck with milk chocolate, which I do not like.  Since many people have a strong preference when it comes to chocolate, I'm really glad to see this important bit of customization added.

Might be time for a nap since I'm pretty much in a chocolate coma now!


Disclosure:  Views and opinions expressed in this blog are strictly my own.  Product discussed in this post was purchased with my own money. Post may contain referral or affiliate links.

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