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Wet Shave Club Subscription Box Review, October 2014 + $5 Discount Code!

Listen up guys, this review is for you (or for ladies looking for gifts for men)!  One of the newer subscription boxes is called the Wet Shave Club.  They recently sent me a box for review and as I was quite impressed with the products and presentation, I'm happy to spread the word. This club promotes the art of traditional wet shaving and provides all the tools and supplies needed.  Since I am certainly not an expert on this subject, I enlisted the help of a guinea pig, uh, product tester to assist in reviewing the contents of this box.

The Wet Shave Club offers four subscription levels. All plans renew automatically and you can cancel at any time. Shipping is free in the continental U.S. and $5.00 to Canada. Available pricing plans are:

One Month - $29
Three Months - $24 per month
Six Months - $22 per month
One Year - $19 per month

The Wet Shave Club sends a branded brown and green cardboard box each month. Your first box will include a premium double edge razor and brush, then subsequent months will include other products like razors, soaps, aftershaves, styptic matches and other items that enhance the wet shave experience.    

Inside the first box are all the items needed to get you started.  Everything about this box has manly appeal right down to the excelsior (fine wood shavings) that the products are packed in.  

For anyone who is new to wet shaving, they include a card that gives ten easy steps for the best shave.  There is also a Wet Shave Club membership card.

The most important item in the box of course is the double edged razor.  This one comes with an attractive leather cover for the head.  This razor has substantial weight to it with nice balance. My tester said that the weight of the head really helped in "letting the blade do the work" as the instructions recommend. The handle is textured and ridged at the end to help maintain a steady grip.

The shaving brush has boar bristles with a soft but sturdy feel. Future boxes will contain different kinds of brushes so you'll have the opportunity to test different types.

This box included two shaving soaps from Forge & Foundry, one in Peppermint and the other in Lavender Bergamot.  My tester said these both lathered well; he preferred the Peppermint scented soap but I like the more subtle Lavender Bergamot.  

There is a book of 20 alum matchsticks from The Legends.  These little sticks deliver a tiny dose of natural astringent that soothes and calms razor burn on recently shaved skin. To use, you just remove one stick, wet the tip and apply to the skin.

Last but not least are two small boxes, each containing five double edge razor blades. One is Gillette Silver Blue blades and the other is Astra Superior Platinum blades.

Overall, my product tester really liked this box and being re-introduced to wet shaving.  He said he not only got an ultra close and smooth shave but he also really enjoyed the process.  I think the Wet Shave Club has sort of a retro cool vibe and a luxury aspect that will appeal to a lot of men. And ladies, if you're looking for a really unique yet practical gift for your gentleman, I think a subscription would be perfect!

If you would like to try Wet Shave Club, use code LANE5 to get $5 off your order. They actually ship the SAME day you order! (Who does that?)  I noticed that these guys maintain a fun Facebook page and you can also find them using "wetshaveclub" on Twitter and Instagram. Check them out; these are nice folks and I think you'll like their service!

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Disclosure:  This post contains no referral or affiliate links. The box was sent to me for review; all views and opinions are my own.

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