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Nourish Snacks October 2014 Review + 15% Snack Shop Discount Code

One of the newer entrants to the increasingly crowded healthy snack subscription market is Nourish Snacks.  This company was founded by celebrity nutritionist Joy Bauer.  Nourish Snacks contain no GMO's, no harmful preservatives and no artificial colors or sweeteners.  They are naturally gluten-free, dairy-free and vegetarian.  Each snack package contains no more than 200 calories. 

The Nourish Snack Club works a little differently than some other snack subscription services.  The first month is $24.95 and for that you get 20 snack varieties. This gives you a chance to try their snacks, then you can go on the site and use their rating system ("Obsessed", "Like it", "It's o.k." or "No thanks") to indicate your preferences. Your future monthly boxes will be customized according to your choices.  

When Nourish Snacks first debuted earlier this year, I think they were shipping a five snack box weekly at a cost of $12.50 per week. Not surprisingly, there was resistance to the $50 per month commitment, which was charged upfront. In checking their website now, I see that they ship just once per month at at cost of $34.95 per month. That should make this service much more palatable for many people. 

The initial green and white branded sampler box is quite impressive, weighing in at more than two and a half pounds.  

Inside are 20 packages of snacks arranged in four trays that resemble a retail display.

A welcome card contains a note from Joy Bauer reminding subscribers to rate the snacks on the site and that subscribers can save 10% off any a la carte purchase in the Snack Shop.

I love eating my way through a review but because of the sheer number and incredible variety of snacks, this one presents a challenge. I've tasted a few of them so will tell you what I thought of those, then tell you what's in the ones I haven't tried.  Each package is labeled clearly on the front with the calories, protein and fiber grams. 

1.  Almond Aloha - Chewy pineapple and roasted almonds
2.  Mr. Popular - Half-popped corn kernels (For some reason, there were two of these in my box so I didn't actually get 20 snacks. I got 19, but since I like these, I'm o.k. with that!)
3.  Almond to Cherries - Roasted almonds and tart cherries

4.  King Korn - Gigantic corn I've ever tasted and a pretty strong incentive to subscribe!
5.  PB Jammin' - Roasted peanuts and dried strawberries
6.  Cashew Colada - Chewy pineapple, crispy coconut and roasted cashews

7.  Posh 'Stachios - Mediterranean-spiced pistachios
8.  Monkey Love - Chocolate-banana granola bites
9.  Holy Habanero - Habanero-spiced roasted corn (This one scares me)

10.  Cocoa Loco - Dark chocolate chia-oat clusters (Tried it, love it!)
11.  Granny's Apple Pie - Cinnamon-spiced apples and walnuts (Really does taste like apple pie in snack form)
12.  Cowboy Crunch - BBQ-spiced roasted corn

13.  Menage-a-Mix - Crunchy corn, BBQ chickpeas and roasted edamame
14.  Pistachi...OMG - Habanero-spiced pistachios
15.  Nutty 'Nanas - Chewy bananas, roasted walnuts (I polished off this package quickly, pretty good)

16.  Sweet & Salty Kapow - tart cherries and roasted edamame (liked the cherries, not so much the edamame)
17.  Coconuts For You - Toasted coconut chia-oat clusters
18.  Berry'd Treasure - Blueberry-apple granola bites

19.  Coconut Chewphoria - Chewy coconut-almond bar

As you can see, you get a LOT of product in the Nourish Snacks sampler box.  Most of the packages weigh between 1.2 oz. and 1.9 oz. so you get a satisfying amount with each snack. For me, most of these would amount to at least two decent sized snack servings.  (No promises on the King Korn's hard to leave ANY of those behind!)

With this many tasty and healthy snacks around, there's a strong incentive to step away from the cookies and chips. That in itself should be worth the $34.95 monthly cost for many people. 

If you don't want to commit to a monthly subscription, you can buy this 20 pack sampler package for $36 in their store.  There are also a number of other different sampler options as well as individual snacks if you want to buy them a la carte. Shipping is free when you spend $25 or more.  Use code NOURISHFAM for a 15% discount in Nourish's Snack Shop. This code expires on 10/24/14; after that, use code EATHAPPY for a 10% discount.     

I'm really intrigued with Nourish Snacks. They provide great quality and quite a variety of good-for-you products at a very reasonable price. If you've tried them, let us know what you think in the Comments below!


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