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Wantable Accessories Review, October 2014 + 10% Cash Back through eBates

Since I subscribe to so many subscription boxes, I usually only make short commitments to any one box unless there's a really good long term deal. I've been subscribed to Wantable Accessories for about six months now, so have been thinking it's time to take a break. Then came the October box! As far as I'm concerned, there just aren't any other subscription accessory companies that do as precise a job of matching style preferences as Wantable. The boxes I've received have not only exceeded my expectations; they have the feel of a gift chosen by a close friend who knows me well. Lots of subscription companies claim personal curation; Wantable actually delivers just that.

If you missed my last Wantable Accessories review, please click here for all the information on pricing and how their service works. If you're interested, Wantable also has Makeup, Intimates and Fitness oriented subscription boxes. 

Although you can change your Wantable Accessories preferences at any time, mine have stayed the same.  Here's what I chose...see what you think about how closely they matched my profile with this month's items. (I follow other blogger reviews on this company and the curation closely matches the individual's stated preferences almost every time.)    

My October box contained a nice assortment...a pair of earrings, a watch, a necklace and a scarf. The first item is a really beautiful rose pink floral chiffon scarf that will work beautifully with a dark coat but is also light enough to wear with a sweater. Largely because of Wantable, my appreciation for infinity scarves has increased, not to mention my collection. I absolutely love this one!  Retail $22

Next is a small pair of silver stud earrings.  These may not look exciting to many people but they are exactly my style.  I wear earrings like this every day and just happen to be in need of some small silver earrings at the moment. Like most Wantable jewelry, they came in a black velvet pouch. Retail $12

There is a chunky men's style watch (very much on trend) that is silver and tortoiseshell.  It is too big for my wrist but that's also the style so I think I'll just wear it like a bracelet and let it dangle.  When I get tired of that, of course, a couple of links can always be removed. This watch stretches my style limits a bit but strangely, I really like it! Retail $36

The fourth item is a simple gold tone necklace, again very much my style. The pendant is an open topped hoop that measures about 1-1/2" in length.  It will go with anything and will also make a terrific layering piece.  Retail $16

So the total retail value of my October box was $86 which is impressive, considering the $36 price.  

To be honest, Wantable's "not for the faint of heart" promotion for the October box had me a little nervous since they featured big tribal and statement pieces which are absolutely not my style. But once again, Wantable really listened and came through with a box that was tailored just for me! Your preferences may be very different from mine but I think you can trust Wantable to come through with items that are right for you.

One other thing I want to mention is the ease with which you can cancel any of Wantable's subscription services.  As we all know, canceling can be a big headache with many of these companies but it's 100% hassle free with Wantable.  The option to skip a month or unsubscribe completely is quickly available under the "Account" tab. You can pause, cancel or re-start any of their subscriptions with one click.  

If you're interested in trying Wantable Accessories (or their Makeup, Intimates or Fitness subscription services), click here. I haven't found any discount codes for Wantable but if you sign up through eBates, you can get 10% cash back.  As you may know, I'm a big fan of's just a good habit to check that site before making ANY on-line purchase.  
So, what do YOU really want?


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